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Often the term ‘disparities’ is related to a specific racial or ethnic group of people, many variations of disparities exist in America, mainly in regards to health. If any outcome from health disparities can be ascertained is populations and regions in America.
Healthy People 2020 creates a compilation of reports in an effort to pinpoint area of disparities among populations, demographics and geographical location. ‘In 2008 more than 33% or more than one million people identified themselves as ethnic or minority’ (Healthy People 2000) In 2008 51% of those people were women (Healthy People 2020).
Major disparities continue to exist in spite of America’s ‘Affordable Care Act’, Although minorities suffer disease five times greater than the rest of the nation, minorities represent the majority of the disparity. Infant Mortality has always been America’s indicator as to the state of the countries health status. America is one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations in the world, However, America ranks number 24th in the world for infant mortality. Puerto Rican and Indian women rank highest among ethnic classes with low infant mortality rates. Some researchers have found lack of prenatal access as the key contributing factor to low mortality and birth weights among these two ethnic classes.
In todays society the second leading precursor for American’s is Cancer, Killing more than 600,000 people per year per capita (Healthy People 2020). Early detection, screening and prevention, often times is not provided by mainstream America to support programs that benefit all American’s. Often Minority groups are sometimes five years after preventative screening before tests are available to them.
These mentioned are just some of the Health Disparities facing America today, while not minimizing the need for greater cardiovascular, diabetes and immunizations still remain constant sore thumbs for Health and Human services. The good news is HHS (Human Health Service) is paving the way for new legislation and programs that will deeply impact the poor and disadvantaged communities. Some of the HHS initiatives are decreasing infant mortality by 22% reduce strokes by 40% End Stage Renal Disease by 65% among American Indian and Black communities. (Health and Human Services .gov)
This is awesome, if we can stay focused and not allow our own selfish needs to get in the way of keeping America strong and thrive as a brilliant country worthy or mimicking in the world.
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