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  • Rheumatic heart disease (RHD)
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In many countries of the world Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is the most communal disease among the young adults nowadays. Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease that can develop as a complication of inadequately treated streptococcus throat or scarlet fever. An infection with group A streptococcus bacteria causes streptococcus throat and scarlet fever. This prolonged heart illness triggered by rheumatic fever which can be controlled and prevented. When a child is found having frequent strep throat infection then the child is most suspected of suffering from rheumatic fever.
Justification of diagnosis
The test increases the chances of an accurate diagnosis. Justification of diagnosis Symptoms of Rheumatic Heart Disease Illnesses suffered by girl Fever Pain in joints Chest pain Heart murmur Fatigue Flat / slightly raised rashes which doesn’t itch or hurt Heart palpitation Shortness of breath Most of the illnesses suffered by the girl are also a symptom of Rheumatic Heart Disease. Thus I have concluded that the girl is suffering from Rheumatic Heart Disease. Laboratory techniques to test my hypothesis. Laboratory procedures allowing to experiment my hypothesis is, the doctor will check the 8 year old female child to see if it has any of these symptoms: checking the seals for signs of inflammation. Check if 8 years patient has fever. Examine the skin of the patient’s 8 years of nodules under the skin or a rash. Listening to the heart of abnormal rhythms like the whispers or muffled sounds that may indicate an inflammation of the heart in the old 8-year-old patient. Conducting a series of tests of simple movement will detect indirect evidence of inflammation of the central nervous system. If 8 years patient already diagnosed with streptococcal infection, the doctor cannot order any additional investigations for the bacterium. Uncertainty the consultant ordered a test, it will most likely a blood test that can detect antibodies to streptococcus bacteria circulating in the blood to the 8-year-old patient. The actual bacteria may be is more detected in tissues female patient gorge aged 8 years or blood. Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) An electrocardiogram called ECG or EKG is signal electric files when they travel through the heart of female patients aged 8 year. 8 years old female patient physician may find patterns among these signals that indicate a function or inflammation of the heart poor heart. Electrocardiograph An echo cardiogram uses sound waves to produce images of live-action of the heart. The usual test can allow the 8 years old female patient doctor detect structures in the heart. Devastate of heart valves is doubtful to occur at the beginning of the disease, but a sound coming back cardiogram can show this type of harms. The test may need to be repeated in the future in a former patient who had rheumatic fever to reassess from heart valve symptoms or changes in physical examination of 8 years. Treatment The best way to prevent rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is, if we prevent acute rheumatic fever (ARF). Rheumatic fever can be prevented by consuming certain antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor. These antibiotics are usually used to treat infection with Streptococcus (a type of bacterial infection). People, who already suffer from this disease, are also given antibiotics to prevent future drugs for life. Other type’s antibiotics are sometimes prescribed to reduce the swelling. If the patient has a damaged valve surgery might be essential to mend or substitute the damaged valve. This may increase the life span of the patient.
Laboratory techniques to the my hypothesis
The laboratory methods to detect rheumatic heart disease are by doing physical exams, diagnose for strep infection, Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), and Echocardiography.
First and foremost by doing physical exams. Physical exams are including checking for inflammation in joints, fever, examining skin in case of having rashes, hearing to cardiac rhythm or sounds that comes from heart that shows that particular person is suffering from inflammation of heart and a simple test is conducted to identify tenderness of central nervous system.
Secondly, by doing tests for strep infection. Blood test detect antibodies which circulate in the blood can be identified.
Besides, the other method to test rheumatic heart disease is Electrocardiogram. ECG when travel through the individual’s heart who suffers from this disease is mainly used to tabulate electrical signals. This electrical signals produce patterns to indicate that the patient has poor heart that does not function well.
Finally, Echocardiography can be another laboratory techniques to test rheumatic heart disease. In this case echo is a type of sound caused by reverberation of sound wave. Cardiograph is a type of instrument that register the graphic movement of heart. This echocardiogram can detect damages in heart valves.
Therefore I would like to say that the 8 years old female child anguish from rheumatic heart disease. After doing these exams it is found that the individual has joint pains, rashes, fever and sore throat.
Rheumatic heart disease which causes strep infection can be treated by taking antibiotics. Antibiotics fight against microorganisms and help to kill bacteria which causes infections in the throat. Although antibiotics does not immediately cure but it will stop the infections spreading anymore. As we have studied in form 5 chemistry penicillin is the best antibiotic for strep infections. Furthermore, aspirin is most prescribed by doctors as a treatment for this particular disease. Aspirin lowers the inflammations and fevers moreover treat pains. As the child has joint pain she will be given aspirin in large doses until joint pains get away. Surgery also another treatment given to the child in order to replace damaged valves.

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