Essay: Health Benifits of Ravensara Oil

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  • Health Benifits of Ravensara Oil
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Ravensara oil the most famous essential oil produced in madasgascar.
You will often have question as to why should I buy it or why should I use it? What are the health benefits I will have if I use it? How do I use it? Where do we find it? Etc…
Now here you will find answers to all your questions. You will get a clear idea of what it is and the uses it has.
So first we will proceed to know more about ravensara and its properties.
Ravensara is one of the rare essential oils that is usually found coming from a tree called ravensara aromatica in Madagascar. Since the past times ravensara oil has been extracted on the island of Madagascar. It was believed by the locals there that this could cure any condition. The tree itself releases a fragrant and is quiet aromatic.
This essential oil acts as a powerful antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral in your body. Thus it can be used to treat various skin infections. This is mainly used in aromatherapy because of its aroma which is somewhat like eucalyptus essential oil. The extraction method used to take out this oil is steam distillation which gives pure and organic essential oil. It is sometimes used with cinnamon, cloves, frankincense and many others to use it as an ingredient to improve the functioning of your immune system.
Now as you know about the oil and its origin we will discuss about the properties.
Ravensara has a number of therapeutic properties which provides many health benefits.
• Antibacterial: This essential oil kills few species of bacteria.
• Antiseptic: This prevents infections on your wounds.
• Antiviral: Ravensara is effective against some virus species.
• Anti-inflammatory: This oil protect your skin from inflammation.
• Analgesic: Alleviate pain in your body.
• Anti-allergic: this curbs allergic reactions.
• Expectorant: aids your body in expelling mucus.
• Antitumor: acts as an agent against tumor.
• Antidepressants : this oil stimulates the senses in your body.
• Carminative: aids your body in expelling gas
• Antioxidant: stops the damage done to your cells.
• Antiperspirant: calms down excessive sweating in your body.
Now it has got many curative and therapeutic properties. Depending on this we will discuss further about the health benefits of ravensara essential oil.
Health benefits:
This oil has no popularity but it is used by many people because of its health benefits. It helps in many of the health conditions which will be discussed below.
1. Shingles and herpes: this has always been quiet effective in getting rid of herpes and Shingles. It has been proven as an antiviral against herpes virus. The way to use this is very simple. You can mix a few drops of tea tree oil in ravensara oil and other base oils like coconut and olive oil and simply apply it on the herpes. This will relieve you from pain easily in 2 days and the sores will start healing faster.
2. You can get rid of phlegm: phlegm in the respiratory tract will loosen and get out of the body if you use this oil. Conditionslike cold, flu, pneumonia, cough, bronchitis and TB can also be healed. To get rid of the phlegm you can simply inhale the vapors of ravensara essential oil by putting it in boiling water.
3. Uplifts your mind: inhaling the aroma of this essential oil can help with depression and help in uplifting your mind. It helps in getting rid of negative thoughts easily. It relieves the feeling of your sunken heart.
4. Boost your immune system: you can create wonderful oil combinations in aromatherapy using many essential oils. Ravensara is the finest immune boosting essential oil. Some of the most stimulants which you can use are essential oils like rosemary, cinnamon, eucalyptus, tea tree, oregano and bay laurel.
5. Bacterial infections can be treated: ravensara as i told you is a powerful antibacterial agent. The H.pylori bacteria which is found in our stomach can be killed using this oil which leads to many digestive problems.
6. Soothes sore muscles: you will get relief from painful, sore and aching muscles if you add 10-15 ravensara oil in your warm water bath. It relieves the pain due to exhaustion and muscle cramps. This can also peomotes sleep and alleviate nervous tension.
7. Chronic fatigue syndrome: your body tires quickly if you stay active for longer intervals of time. You may find it even more difficult if you have chronic fatigue syndrome. You will find relief from this condition if you inhale ravensara essential oil deeply for about 20 seconds.
8. Aromatherapy: this essential oil is used in aromatherapy to treat conditions like headaches, nasal congestion, sinus etc. Mixing 4-5 drops of essential oil in a vaporizer fills your environment with ita aroma and provides many health benefits. Its mild camphor aroma gives you relief from headaches.
It acts as a tonic for your respiratory tract which reduces the sinuses and allows you to breathe better. It also helps your dogs to breathe easily. Its aroma acts as a relaxant for your body and also reduces the stress on the muscles. Combination of essential oils like chamomile and calendula provides relief from menatl stress.
Now coming to the uses of this essential oil.
Perfume industry uses this essential oil. It is also being studied to isolate anti-bacterial and anti-viral chemical compounds. There are many other uses of this oil as used by the people of Madagascar but is yet to be proved.
Side effects:
So far no other side effects have been known of this oil. It can be toxic if inhaled in large concentration. It can be toxic even in low concentrations so you should not consume it internally.
100% pure ravensara essential oil is not easy to find in any store. It may be found with adulterated essential oils like camphor. It is very important that you buy only the essential oil if it is steam distilled only from the leaves of ravensara aromatica. It has to be stored in a dark place.

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