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Essay: Some patients get better despite nursing care not as a result of it

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  • Some patients get better despite nursing care not as a result of it
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As the exercise for the discussion suggests “some patients get better despite nursing care not as a result of it” (Marquis & Huston, 2015). The importance of the quality of nursing care cannot however be discounted in the patients’ outcomes. I strongly believe that the quality of nursing care goes a long way in making a difference in patients’ lives. Live is precious and cannot be toyed with or gambled away. This makes it imperative to discharge nursing care with specific and measurable criteria for making a difference in patient outcomes.
The problem of achieving quality care is multidimensional and complex, thus, outcomes criteria alone cannot be used for measuring quality. The word quality as regards to nursing is the level of excellence that is attainable by the harmony between actual nursing and the established criteria. The nature of consideration should be measured from the points of view of both the patients and the staff and the five criteria I would identify to define quality nursing care include professionalism and recognizable standards, ensuring lowest possible risks for the patient, efficient use of resources, patient satisfaction and a positive influence on the patient’s state of health . The result criteria are norms with emphasis on quantifiable outcomes of nursing and other health service exercises.
Professionalism and recognizable standards as a criterion to define quality nursing care is non- negotiable according to the American Nurses Association’s (ANA) Code for Nurses. Nurses are guided to make ethical decisions and discharge their professional responsibilities within the framework of The Code for Nurses as published by the American Nurses Association. This is a quantifiable criterion that incorporates all nursing activities tasked with the rights, obligations, and commitments of health care professionals, institutions of care, and patients.
Ensuring lowest possible risks for the patient ensures a positive outcome in providing quality nursing care. Regardless of new approaches, training and expanded attention to precaution measures, patients are still falling. The actualities are verifiable, as up to 50 percent of hospitalized patients are at danger for falls, and half of the individuals who fall sustain injuries. Falls not just affect patients, they likewise specifically affect the outcome of the quality of nursing care. Keeping the patients safe from these falls and injuries are essential, and distinguishing key side effects connected with preventable falls and medical emergencies, safely administering basic tests of gait and balance, recognizing and assessing patients for orthostatic hypotension, identifying early signs of post-fall injuries including head injuries and visualizing firsthand high-risk environmental hazards causing falls and how to make them safe for patients are assessment tools and strategies in reducing falls and associated injuries (Gray-Miceli, 2014).
Efficient use of resources as a criterion for quality nursing care involves human resources which stress the importance of adequate staffing. Satisfactory nurse staffing is a basic part in enhancing the nature of patient care and preventing avoidable complications. According to the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) there are connections between patient results and nursing staffing attributes, for example, nursing care hours, training level, accreditation and turnover (
Patient’s satisfaction is a criterion that cannot be overlooked in defining quality nursing care. To get a measurable patient satisfaction, the quality care should be patient centered. A patient focused methodology encourages ideal wellbeing results by including patients and their relatives in choices about their clinical consideration.
The positive influence on the patient’s state of health is the holistic well-being results from the culture of human caring in nursing, and the nurse helps the patient in efforts to reclaim pathways toward human flourishing expressed as an effort to achieve self-actualization and fulfillment.

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