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Essay: What happens whilst we sleep

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  • What happens whilst we sleep
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Far from what we think, when we sleep our body does not stop. You know what happens in that hour? You’ll sorprender.7 interesting things your body when you’re asleep




One of the main requirements that our body is to sleep every day at least 8 hours. During sleep the body repairs and renews his energies to take on a new journey with the best physical and mental disposition.

What few know is that, just in this period, some interesting actions that influence the quality and health in general are performed.

If you are someone who thought sleeping all activities of the body off to rest, you’re sadly mistaken. Although we are not aware of it at times, the body remains synchronized with their functions and performs pretty strange tasks.

Here we reveal all those things that happens when you manage to reconcile a deep sleep. You’ll be surprised!

1. Increases eye movements

Increases eye movements

It is estimated that during the sleep cycle we go through five stages, the last the deepest of all being. This is known as the phase of REM (Rapid Eye Movement, or Rapid Eye Movement) and is characterized by a continuous movement of the eyes back and forth, which is not in memory upon waking.

It manages to achieve roughly 90 minutes after sleep and is an expense of 20% of the total dream. For now there is no exact reason to explain it, but it is believed it could be due to neuronal excitation.

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2. growth hormone occurs

One of the reasons we have a good quality of sleep is so important is because, right now, the body secretes hormones such as HGH or growth necessary to regenerate tissues, bones and muscles, and essential for proper development of children.

This substance is also required to combat low blood sugar in the blood and regulate metabolism.

3. Delay in the kidneys

During the working day the kidneys work to filter toxins in the blood and produce urine.

In the period of sleep that work is slower and there is less urine output compared to the day. This explains why it is almost never necessary to get up to urinate during the night and the next day it tends to be darker.

4. Teeth grinding

Teeth grinding

This rare symptom may be the result of stress or because the teeth are not aligned properly.

In professional terms it is known as bruxism and sometimes make a person feel pain in the jaw and dental complications.

It is important to see a dentist because it is a factor that in the long term affects tooth decay.

5. Sudden movements

This has happened to most of us: no more sleep, suddenly, we jump or felt a strong jolt.

It is something that happens on a regular basis and should not be cause for concern. What happens is that the brain is being organized for the changes you make in this cycle and sometimes interpreted as a fall.

The phenomenon is known as a hypnotic pulse and only happens during the rest period.

6. The brain rejects it does not need

Thanks to glymphatic system, the brain accumulates during the day a series of information that at night looks to discard what you do not need.

This system is the way of cleaning the central nervous system and also serves to get rid of extracellular proteins, excess fluid and metabolic unusable peripheral tissue products.

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7. Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis

Almost all they experience it at some point in their lives, some more often than others. It occurs in the deepest stage of sleep and is characterized by a nagging sense of bodily immobility in a cycle in which we are aware that we are dreaming.

It is a phenomenon that is frightening because it often comes with horrible nightmares in which he is incapable of having some sort of reaction to escape.

Finally … did you know that during sleep also energy is consumed?

All actions performed by the agency in this period represent a significant energy expenditure in influencing for good weight control. This is the reason why people who do not have a good quality of sleep tend to have overweight and obesity.

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