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Essay: You have to vaccinate!

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  • You have to vaccinate!
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We are in a world where vaccinations are helping us cure the plethora of diseases, yet people still believe that we shouldn’t vaccinate, which is definitely unwarranted. As a result, there has been an increasing link between no vaccinations and diseases like polio and measles. The problem isn’t even in places like Pakistan that is facing the problem because of the Taliban forcing the individuals to not vaccinate their kids, but also soccer moms in San Diego also believe that vaccinations are also ruining their children’s lives.
Let’s debunk the main argument behind no vaccinations: the idea that vaccinations are linked to autism according to the British surgeon, Andrew Wakefield, is not true. This started off the chain reaction for people to not agree with vaccines, and not vaccinate their children. However, the research was debunked from the United Kingdom, Japan, Denmark who proved that vaccinations were not linked. Additionally, Australians scientists have done a meta-analysis of 10 studies with over 1.2 million children which have considered vaccinations to not be the cause of autism.
The CDC furthers the importance of vaccinations by examining a case study of whooping cough vaccinations in Japan. Word was spread around the country that the vaccinations were not working. As a result, 13,000 children were diagnosed with whooping cough and 41 people died from it. The quantities were a drastic increase from the years before when vaccinations were in use. However, it is true that vaccinations are not successful all the time, but the probability of getting a disease after the vaccination is much lower than not getting the vaccination. The reason behind why this holds true is because the immune system will be prepared to launch an all-out attack at the first sign of the disease so symptoms will be minimal. Vaccinations allow people to experience the disease in a way that won’t affect them, but the immune system will still practice trying to get rid of it because the virus would have antigens that won’t recognize them. An example is of flu vaccines, in which the flu virus is injected into chick embryo cells and then put into a person. Since the flu virus is injected into the chick embryo cells, the virus would struggle to enter the human cell because of the differences in structure. As a result, the Helper T-Cell would trigger an immune response on the virus, which creates antibodies that are specific to this specific strain of the flu. This doesn’t stop having flu-like symptoms though. Speaking from personal experience, I have dealt with this issue of symptoms, but it is usually short-lived and I am back to normal. In the long run, I believe that I am better off because my body’s immune system is prepared to attack the virus and it will be quicker because it has the antibodies prepared.
The sciences clearly prove that vaccinations are essential to prevent disease outbreaks. People lie to themselves when we try to look to having no vaccinations because our world will be way worse off with more epidemics. Let’s look to better all of society and keep vaccinating our children and us so we can stay out of the hospital and spend more time with the family.

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