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Essay: The Ohio Women’s Rights Movement

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The Ohio Women’s Rights Movement on May 29,1851 was one of the many events in the 19th century where advocates called for growing the rights of women. Led by Frances Dana Barker Gage in Akron, Ohio, women going to the convention were inspired by the Sentiments and the Declaration of Rights. Using the constitution tenants as a foundation, women were to demand for their own right to vote. Abolition and temperance issues provided opportunities for many women to take part in political activism. Women like Gage, who organized locally, after the Seneca Falls Convention, gave women activists the strength to keep the fight for women’s rights.

Economically, At the Convention, many resolutions of what to fight for in the Declaration of Sentiments were made. One being that because women are being taxed, they should have equal rights to men. There can’t be taxation without representation. This was a big issue to fight for mostly because of the countries past with this issue. During the American Revolution, Americans fought very hard for representation if they were being taxed. Since they could fight for representation if they had to pay taxes for Britain, then women should also be able to fight for equal representation if they had to pay taxes to their own country. Also as time passed between this period of women’s rights suffrage and the one in the 1920’s, the economic need for women in the workplace continued to increase.  The industrialization of the country also attracted a lot of women workers because a lot of women needed some of these jobs more than men. The Seneca falls convention also  solved an issue regarding property ownership, at least in New York. One  of the grievances listed in the declaration was, “He has taken from her all  her right in the property, even to the wages she earns”(Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions, Seneca Falls:Stanton and Anthony Papers Online), actually turned out to have a big effect because this was the reason for the New York’s new Married Women’s property Act of 1848.

Socially, One of the rights that was resolved in the Declaration of Sentiments was that women will not Although it was never written on paper, women gained a somewhat bigger role in society. Before women started fighting for themselves, they were just considered to complete domestic needs and to care for  the children. As time went on and they started creating women’s suffrage groups, they were able to increase their part in society. Politically,  After  the Seneca falls convention, black men received voting rights but women did not. The National American Women’s Suffrage Association was founded. This association was one of the main groups fighting for women’s rights. They talked about topics pertaining to women’s rights and issues of that time, such as temperance. They fought for the right to vote so they could vote and make a difference regarding these issues. The idea of women suffrage shocked many. Even some women believed that it was not a good idea. The NAWSA scared the liquor companies too because they thought that if women were able to vote, they would vote against liquor. It scared men in general as well because they were not used to women being so involved in politics.

The women’s rights movement was a turning point in history because without the suffragists and the women and men who supported the movement, women wouldn’t have the right to vote, have the jobs that men have, get the same salary as the opposite sex, have the respect that they deserve, and wouldn’t be equal in men’s eyes. A huge part of the women’s rights movement that was a big turning point in history was the Seneca Falls convention because it allowed women to speak out for the first time, creating a reactionary discussion for women’s rights, which led to the reform. Through the various steps the supporters took enabled the women to have rights under the constition today. In the early women’s rights and women’s suffrage movement, the group’s main goal was to develop a greater role for women in their society; politically, economically, and socially. Women were seen less superior to males and were denied of many rights whether they were slaved or free, black or white, or rich or poor. As a result, the lack of equality amongst the people became more prominent to women and pushed them to stand up and fight for what they deserve.

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