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Essay: Hungary – The Paris Peace Conference of 1946

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It has been 526 days since the war ended and it has been 2,719 days since the war began. A day doesn’t go by that the People’s Republic of Hungary is not reminded of the horror of what happened during the war. 15,000,000 soldiers perished during the war alone and 45,000,000 civilians, men, women, and children, met the same fate1. People are displaced and have been violently torn from their families. World War II is continuing to affect every single person on this continent and on the globe. People are experiencing changing governments, poor economies, displacement, and other consequences are yet to be seen. Without proper action, the perpetrators of World War II will get away with committing the worst crime in history, taking human life. The economies of nations are on the border of bankruptcy, which could cause a great issue for other countries. European nations alone borrowed $10.35 billion from the US during WWI, which lasted only four years 2. World War II lasted six years and debts have easily surpassed WWI debts that are still owed. To address the issue of WWII reparations, peace, and the future of Europe and the world, countries have been invited the Paris Peace Conference. A member from the Delegation of Hungary, Mr. Gyöngyösi, stated:

We hope that the settlement resulting from the present talks, will establish a lasting peace…this will contribute to a large extent, to ensure the pacification of the whole of Europe, and the rest of the world; it was from Eastern Europe that the sparks burst which twice set the world on fire, provoking the world wars which brought endless sufferings to mankind… In our common interest, a peace treaty should take into account the liquidation of past errors and the necessity of establishing a better future3.

A newly democratic Hungary appears to the world today. The end of feudal property, punishments have been dealt to war-criminals, Hungary has been the first of all liberated countries to hold free elections with universal suffrage, first of all liberated countries to institute freedom of the press and re-establish freedom of speech 4. Building a democracy isn’t possible with a few months of hasty work, it takes time, but creating and maintaining a successful democracy allows citizens to face the future with confidence. As Delegation of Hungary supports the future of a democratic Hungary, the Republic can not forget or deny the struggle that just ended. The old Hungarian regime did side with Germany during the war. Small and weak nations, like Hungary, felt like there was little action that could be done, so compliancy was best. The Hungarian peasants, workers, intellectuals, and others organized a resistance because they did not support the actions of the government. Refuges were taken in and safeguarded. After WWI, a quarter of the Hungarian nation found themselves outside of the boarders of their home. Citizenship of other States was forced upon them. The Delegation of Hungary looks to reunite all Hungarian citizens into the boarders of Hungary5.

Hungary believes that all nations have the obligation to work together and ensure that a war as terrible as the one that just ended does not repeat itself for future generations. Nations need to work together to rebuild what was destroyed or lost during the war. Economies, infrastructure, governments, and lives have been destroyed and are currently in shambles. Many nations want the perpetrators of this war to pay for what they have done, but if each nation helps one another, Europe as a whole will rebuild and surpass all expectations. Since frontiers cannot be altered, the Delegation of Hungary strongly encourages a treaty assuring people living on the territory of another State have protected liberties essential to democracy (i.e. right to lie, freedom to want and to fear, and maintain their national identity). The Delegation of Hungary strongly suggest that an international commission be sent to locations experiencing issues where nations are experiencing tension due to territory and human rights. It has been made aware to all Nations that the United Nations Organization intends to prepare a charter regarding human rights, the Delegation of Hungary feels that this charter is crucial in the steps towards progress and requests liberties that were not mentioned be added, such as right to choose language, right to work, and right of business. Hungary will additionally support any proposal that calls for nations to help European nations rebuild by providing financing options to assist in this process. By working together, European nations will rebuild what was lost in the war and create a better future. Together, nations will strive for a united Europe. Hungary will offer great support in addressing concerns that nations have during the Paris Peace Conference and ensure that the Paris Peace Conference fulfills the envisioned goals of all nations.

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