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Essay: Ancient Warriors in Japan

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  • Ancient Warriors in Japan
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In ancient Japan, there were warriors that were part of the high noble classes called Samurai. These warriors were loyal to their country and to their emperor. Also during this time there was another warrior group named the ninjas. These warriors were not part of the social class and did not fight like the samurai.
The Samurai were part of a high class in Japan’s society. They were the warriors that would fight and protect Japan. The Samurai dominated Japan until the Meiji Restoration, where they refused to modernize and were replaced. The samurai were a disciplined culture and took years to train. The word Samurai means those who serve. The samurai followed a strict code that would dictate their behavior. This code was known as the Bushido. The Samurai came to an end in the 19th century because Japan was modernizing and the samurai did not want to adapt to new weapons and instead wanted to keep their swords, because of this Japan adapted and built a better military that would use guns and fight with modern weapons. The samurai were strict on honor and if they were going to be defeated by a enemy, the samurai would do something called seppuku which was were they commited suicide. This is because in their ideas and society commiting suicide was better than dying at an enemy and kept the samurai’s honor.
It was believed that ninjas first appear because of a samurai named Daisuke Togakure lost his land and instead of committing seppuku the honorable suicide he ran off. Ninjas were low class mercenaries that were hirable assassins for anyone for the right price. The ninjas did not follow any code of honor, unlike the samurai, and they usually wore all black clothing. Ninjas had the upper hand in battle because they usually would sneak up against their opponent and attack them with the element of surprise. The ninjas used a training method called ninjutsu.
The Samurai and ninjas were complete opposites of each other, the samurai’s would follow a code of honor which was bushido while the ninjas did not use a code of honor and did what they were paid to do. The samurai would combat their opponents face to face while the ninjas would sneak up on their opponent and use the element of surprise. Another thing the samurai and ninjas did not have in common were their clothing, the samurai would wear armor and had swords while the ninjas dressed up in all black and moved swiftly. The samurai were high up class in Japan while the ninjas were low class mercenaries and merchants. The samurai used a katana while the ninjas used the shuriken, which was the ninja star, Lastly, the samurai lived by the code of bushido which they carried out throughout their lives while the ninjas would only use their skills to murder.
The Samurai and ninjas had a few things in common for example, the samurai and ninjas started their training at a very young age. Another thing the ninjas and samurai had in common was the fact that they were feared by the people in Japan and that they were both warriors in Japan.
The hardest part of the bushido code that could be the hardest thing the samurai could have followed was the fact that if they were captured by their enemies or had to protect their honor and loyalty, that they would kill themselves in an act known as seppuku. This had to be the hardest part for the samurai because they would end their lives in order to protect their honor. The reason why the samurai could have taken this code so seriously is because it was their philosophy of their life and they trained with this code from the beginning of their training.
In conclusion, the samurai and ninjas were two types of warriors in Japan, the samurai were noble warriors that were looked up to while the ninjas were hireable mercenaries and would kill anyone for a price. At the same time they were both equally feared by the people of Japan.

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