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Essay: Border Conflict between the US and Mexico throughout the years

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  • Border Conflict between the US and Mexico throughout the years
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The current border conflict between the United States and Mexico have been contributing with their history. By the time Mexico declared their independence from Spain during 1821, the country’s territory involving Texas, California, and the land in between as they were colonized by the Spain empire. Following by the year of 1836, Mexican territory in Texas had fallen into white American as they disaffiliated from Mexico and formed into the short-lived independent Republic of Texas. On December 29, 1845, the United States annexed Texas and the relationship between Mexico has been deteriorated. Moreover, the war concluded with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo during 1846, in which Mexico forced to confess the loss of Texas and giving up more than a third of its territory to the United States. The United States take over California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah as they paid to Mexico over 15 million dollars.
During Mexican Revolution1910, an estimate of 890, 000 Mexican immigrating into the United State legally to avoid from the war as Mexicans were revolting their President Diaz who rule over 34 years. Onwards, during the world wars, America had been welcoming Mexican workers to fulfill the jobs as the Americans were fighting abroad. There were also two major immigration laws passed by 1920s as ‘the Emergency Quota Act of 1921’ and ‘the Immigration Act of 1924’. This act was to limit the number of immigration coming for works from Southern and Eastern Europe and from Asia but, there was no limitation for Mexican workers. On the other hand, during 1924, U.S. Border Patrol was created with 450 officers to locate in Canadian border as there was smuggling liquor. Furthermore, there was a labor shortage in the United States, they required more Mexican workers to emigrate into the U.S. through Bracero Program, a series of laws and diplomatic agreement between Mexico for ‘Farm Labor Agreement’, over 4.5 million Mexicans. However, the low wages and unacceptable housing for the Braceros have been difficult for those Mexicans but, this was the only source of an income back to their families in Mexico.
During the 1950s which were after the world war, most of the undocumented Mexican immigrants had tried to cross over the border illegally to find farm work as this was not acceptable for the U.S. due to no more jobs available and wages decreased. Throughout 1954, Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower deported over a million undocumented immigrants back into Mexico. During 1993, the North American Free Trade Agreement was formed by the United States, Mexico, and Canada as they eliminated the tariff. They believed the NAFTA would be the world’s largest trade zone and it will create 200, 000 jobs in the United States. Due to the border crisis, there was also a drug smuggling as President Bill Clinton and Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo agreed to stop. In addition, President George W. Bush signed the legislation to build 700 miles of fences over the border between the United States and Mexico as to stop the illegal immigrants entering.

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