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Essay: Democratization of death in Egyptian Mythology

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  • Democratization of death in Egyptian Mythology
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Democratization of death indicates the equal right among kings to become the same god after death. This indicates that there is no greater or inferior kings, and they’re all equal and have the same status on earth as when they die, they all end up becoming the same God, in this case they end up becoming Osiris the god of the afterlife. The afterlife is considered to be a continuation of life on earth, and after a certain person has passed through many difficulties and judgement in what is known as the hall of truth which was a paradise of ones life on earth. With humans being the highest level (closest to the after life) this means that our dogs or any other animal would probably be considered to be in one of the lowest levels of reaching the afterlife as we discussed in class. Horus also known as the son of Isis and Osiris, and considered the god that would lead Egypt was believed to sometimes merge with the god who created everything or also known as the sun god, Ra. Both, Horus and Ra were associated with the sky and they merge into Horus-Ra or otherwise known as Ra-Horakhty. It is believed that Ra is the creator of all the life on earth and his domain is not just the sky but also earth and the underworld. Horus is associated with the sky, hunting and war . He might be known as the Heir of Geb.

The Egyptian god of the underworld and spirits, Osiris, besides being the king of the afterlife it is said that Osiris is also the son of the original king of Egypt, Geb who was the third Pharaoh that reigned after his father Shu, and before Osiris. It is also known that he supported/ gave Horus right to the throne after the death of Osiris. Osiris was said to come teach the people of Egypt agriculture, what to eat, law, order and the means to worship the gods. Osiris had his manhood devoured by the what is known as the cursed nile fish

The book of the dead is a New Kingdom collection from earlier funerary such as the coffin texts and the pyramid. The book of the dead was usually found in tomb walls, scarabs, and statues but it was usually more common to be found on papyrus. In the text of “Book of the dead” it stated that after a person passed away they would be guided by Anubis into the Hall of Truth were there was a list of 42 sins and the person would have to state whether or not they have taken a part of on any of those 42 sins. Once the negative confession was made the gods would interfere and if the confession was accepted then the heart of the deceased was then weighted against the white feather of Ma’at which was the feather of truth. If by any chance the heart weighed less than the feather then that means the confession was accepted and the soul was passed forward into paradise. But if by any chance the soul was to be heavier than the feather then it would be thrown on to the floor where it would then be devoured by the monster goddess known as Ammut and it would be as if the soul never existed or just disappeared from existence.

Egyptians believed that a proper form of burial was an important part on sending the deceased to the afterlife so they performed somewhat of a ritual. These rituals included mummification and burial with items that the deceased person had owned when he was alive

Egyptians believed that people could still have feelings of anger or even hold a grudge even after already being dead and they were also expected to keep supporting their family that was alive.

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