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Essay: America in the 1920s and 1930s

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The 1920’s were marked by a decade of Optimism. After the 1st World War in which they participated, they wanted a new way of living. The automobile and new creative inventions were very popular at the time. The urbanization was valued by the Americans, the good looking part was very important for them at the time. The movie industry inaugurated a national culture, one built on new, urban values. In 1920 The Nineteenth Amendment gave women the right to vote and equality in national politics and recognized their efforts to break out of old patterns of what women needed to be view in. The war had helped them in their entrance into business, industry, and the professions, such as drinking and smoking, traditionally considered masculine. It’s similar as the Roaring twenties in Germany Women in Europe and in America found their ways and their own voices in the society. The heroes and the celebrity were very popular in America since everyone was obsessed with their way of looking. Katharina Hepburn (my Artist) didn’t followed that path she was extremely private and her goal was to be recognized by her work and not by her public image. One of the sentences used to described her was “I always just say be on the affirmative and liberal side, don’t be a no person”.
1930’s were like a lot of countries at the time, they were affected by the Great Depression and the population was also struggling to survive. Americans called that era The Decade Depression, in October 1923 a long economic decline started and not long after it led into a world catastrophe, In 1933, 14 million Americans were unemployed, industrial production did not go very well and was reducing their productions rather than augmenting. American felt the presence of a deep national despair. Between the Great depression and the 1920’s the automobile market was very popular because of the obsession that Americans had with the urbanization and the desire to look good in all time. In this period of time United Stated had a lot of problems with the racial tensions between the white America and the black America one of the racism organizations who believed that black people were not equal as much as white people was called The Ku Klux Klan the definition of the ku kluxklan is : In 1915, the second Klan was founded in Atlanta, Georgia. Starting in 1921, it adopted a modern business system of recruiting (which paid most of the initiation fee and costume charges as commissions to the organizers) and grew rapidly nationwide at a time of prosperity. Reflecting the social tensions of urban industrialization and vastly increased immigration, its membership grew most rapidly in cities, and spread out of the South to the Midwest and West. The second KKK preached “One Hundred Percent Americanism” and demanded the purification of politics, calling for strict morality and better enforcement of prohibition. Its official rhetoric focused on the threat of the Catholic Church, using anti-Catholicism. Some local groups took part in attacks on private houses and carried out other violent activities. The violent episodes were generally in the South.
We can compare America from to country who were also battling crisis at the same period of time and one them is Russia, things got also worse after the war just like in America. The atmosphere was very heavy, there was a lot of tension between the government and the population who kept them under control. The population expressed fear towards the government and the civil war that was happening at the time. There was also a lot of poverty and a huge Famine. People were working in factories for a living , they tried different ways to be heard like drawing graffiti’s In the city to show their frustration. Karl Marx was a prolific philosopher in this era, the Russian ballet was also part of this era. There was another country who also struggled with the Great Depression after the war and this country is Italy. After the first World War , Italy was in a very instable and fragile position which led to the election of Benito Mussolini who became first minister of Italy with different suspicious manners and intimidation process(like the walk in Rome) towards the institution already in place and the population. The population was dictated by him and the fascist. Afterwards he became close with the Germans and Adolph Hitler who were also in the war and he offered them their help. These two countries had a lot in common , the government had the absolute control of the population while the people were cravings and dying in the streets.

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