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Essay: Military Career of General George Washington

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1. The military career of George Washington started with struggle between great Britain vs French and Indian allies by domination of the Ohio Valley in 1953. Washington’s surveying experience made him a logical choice to lead Virginian expeditions into the western territories, where he had a series of encounters with the French. In 1754 May Washington’s force ambushed a French detachment near French Fort Duquesne (modern Pittsburgh). After that Washington was forced to surrender with his force to the French and returned disarmed to Williamsburg.
2. Then British appointed General Braddock to Virginia to lead expedition against the French. Washington was appointed as aide-de-camp (ADC) to General Braddock who marched to the Monongahela River, south of Fort Duquesne and came across a surprise attack by the French forces with their Indian allies, during this attack General Braddock was killed. The remnant of General Braddock’s army of British forces was commanded by Washington. Washington ordered to tactical withdraw. Governor of Virginia rewarded Washington with the rank of Colonel and given colony troops under his command to guarding the western frontier.
3. Washington observed that attitudes of British forces towards colonial welfare and little arrogant ideas on colonial leaders, it developed Washington to be resentment against British ruling system and military administration system. Washington was disappointed on British regular military service and decided to resign from militia commission after the war. He returned to his own farm at Mount Vernon.
4. British enforced new tax policy in 1767 to Virginia and Washington actively opposed it. . He participated for first Continental Congress as one of seven Virginia’s delegates which much talked about British tax system and conducted a vote to forbidden British taxed goods importation. It authorized towns and counties to set up committees of safety to enforce its provisions. Washington spent his time in 1774 to 1775 by organizing independent military companies to aid the local committees in enforcing the Continental Association against British ruling system which was more benefited to British side rather than giving benefits to colonial famers.
5. Washington attended to the second Continental Congress meeting in Military uniform on 10th May 1775 in Philadelphia. He wanted to show his readiness to fight against British ruling system. In June same year Congress was given authority to creation of a Continental Army and Washington was unanimously elected as commander in chief. It was a great motivation to Virginia colony and they were given fullest support to Washington. He selected several men with equal or even more professional military experience personnel. His selection was fortuitous for the rebel cause.

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