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Ramses the Great, to fulfill his father’s wishes, won the war against the Hittites and Libyans, which led to 90 years of peace and had a great influence on Egyptian civilization.
According to Wikipedia,’Ramses the Great was the most successful and had the greatest influence on the civilization of Egypt and ruled the empire second longest in the history.’ Imagine a civilization that a great king had created. In the wars, he conquered the Hittites. Also, he was known for his extensive building programs and set up many colossal statues found all over the Egypt. Ramses the Great left numerous wonders to the following history, and so far there have been many mysteries that are not solved yet. After him, the Egyptian civilization was about to disappear.
Ramses the Great, caused by completing his father’s final wishes and started many things about military. His father, Ramses the First, trained him since he was only ten years old. His father not only taught him how to be a leader, but also gave him some rights during the war. According to the history, Ramses the First actually descended from a common non-royal family, and was a military man, who subdued many rebellious provinces in Palestine and southern Syria. As an elderly king had one young brilliant son, shortly thereafter,Ramses the First made this son a co-regent to help assume some important royal duties. Ramses I achieved some success against Hittites, but only were temporary; therefore, it was time to give the crown prince Ramses. The young prince, Ramses II, accompanied on the campaigns. When he came to sole rule, he had already had experience of kingship and of war. During his reign,in order to complete his father’s final wishes that had not been done, he started many military exploits and set out the expedition. During the expedition, Ramses the Great led his powerful and united army to seize the territory. He then recovered the lost provinces that his father had been unable to conquer permanently and subdue local dynasts in Southern Syria nowadays. His spirit and the will to complete the wishes that his father had made him make it.
Once, Ramses the Great fought against Hittites, the first plan was to make peace with local dynasts of the Hittite stronghold. During this war, two captured Hittites spies gave Ramses the false information ,and therefore the leading Egyptian army was taken surprisingly. The army broke and failed. It left Ramses and his crops entirely surrounded by the enemy and fighting hopelessly. He found that he couldn’t forever hold territory under continual Hittite pressure. In the Battle of Kadesh in Syria, by attacking the Hittites, Ramses the Great’ s army crossed the Egyptian border in the spring of the fifth year of reign and, after a month’s march, reached the area of Kadesh from the South. Because of the battle, his expansion of the empire got larger. ‘It’s not possible to be precise about the size of the Egyptian chariot force at Kadesh though it couldn’t have numbered less than 2000 vehicles spread through the crops of Amun,’ according to a historian. He stood against other odds.In the war, he crossed the river from east to west at the force of Shabtuna near Nubia, and he faced a crisis of the battle. Apart from the struggle against the Hittites, who tried to settle in the delta. And after 16 years of the hostilities with these people, a treaty peace was made in 1285 B.C. It was a huge feat. An official record on the subject were carved on temple walls in Egypt. His army and his effort led him to the success.
The winning of the conflicts were finally concluded by a peace treaty for 90 years.Because of this treaty, Ramses the Great’s magnificent ruling of Egypt started, he adopted smart ways to save the difficulties in the society ,and lasted for a long time. Under his rule, Egypt became more powerful and stronger than before. Ramses the Great affected the culture the most because of these great achievements in the wars. His feats in the field of battle were found everywhere in Egypt and Nubia, and it is easy to see both of his subjects and of later generations Ramses II was looked upon as a model of what a king should be.
During his reign,he also started the agricultural stuff and it was a period of peaceful and wonderful times with real words and records in the history. His achievements of the wars and the building of many temples, the developments had an effect on the later civilization.

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