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Essay: United States involvement in Vietnam

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According to Goldfield, Abbott, Anderson, Argersinger, Argersinger & Barney (2014),’ United States involvement in Vietnam, located in Southeast Asia on the southern border of China, dated to 1949’1950′ (Goldfield, Abbott, Anderson, Argersinger, Argersinger & Barney, 2014). The United States was against communism. Their involvement in South Vietnam was just that, to protect it from being under communist control. The Domino Theory worried the U.S. the theory being just that of what dominos do, once one falls they all fall. The theory being that if Vietnam was going to be communist then the rest of South Asia would follow as well; the United States was not going to let that happen. The U.S. didn’t want more communist control countries. They felt that capitalism could beat communism.
Vietnam was controlled by the French; however, there were problems that were rising between the French and the Vietnamese people. Eventually in 1954 the French gave up and the Vietnamese were free of the French rule. The Geneva Conference came into action after this. According to Goldfield, Abbott, Anderson, Argersinger, Argersinger & Barney (2014), ‘A Geneva peace conference ‘temporarily’ divided Vietnam into a Communist north and a non-Communist south and scheduled elections for a single Vietnamese government’ (Goldfield, Abbott, Anderson, Argersinger, Argersinger & Barney, 2014). Ngo Dinh Diem was the leader of the non-communist south and was back by the United States in the south. Eisenhower did not agree with the election that was to be held to reunite Vietnam under one government; he did not want Vietnam to be as a whole a communist country. It was hard to get all the Vietnamese in the south to be onboard with Ngo Dinh Diem in that no one respected the power of the government, not to mention that he was a Christian and most Vietnamese were Buddhist. The Vietnamese saw people that worked for the government and the government in general was rich and the people in Vietnam were not.
The U.S. also faced the Viet Chong, who were, according to Goldfield, Abbott, Anderson, Argersinger, Argersinger & Barney (2014), ‘Communist rebels in South Vietnam who fought the pro-American government established in South Vietnam in 1954’ (Goldfield, Abbott, Anderson, Argersinger, Argersinger & Barney, 2014). The United States tried to protect the South Vietnamese people by bring in my military and supplies. The majority of the Vietnamese in the south did not care however; they were mostly siding with the Viet Chong’s.
The Nations justifications for its actions in the 1950s when it came to Vietnam was to prevent it from falling under communism. They wanted to show that capitalism could defeat that of communism. Did the United States have to get involved in what was going on in Vietnam? No, it was across the world and opposed really no threat to the country. They couldn’t help themselves though. The United States felt that having a communist country, gave the people of that country no human rights, that it was bad for the economies of those countries that were communist countries because they wouldn’t trade with those countries that were capitalist countries. I read that the United States even claimed that Ngo Dinh Diem, whom was president of Vietnam at that time, contacted them from help, but this can’t be proven.
Although the United States in the 1950s went into something that they really didn’t have too and they brought military over to fight something that wasn’t really theirs to fight at the time, they did it for a good cause. They wanted to prevent communism from spreading and keep those in Vietnam from falling into the communist life that the United States felt was no way one would want to live.

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