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Essay: Evaluate informative on Ancient Civilizations

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  • Evaluate informative on Ancient Civilizations
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Before the ancient cities like the Great Britain and the middle east, there where the Mayan Civilization, Azteca’s; The Inca. These ancient civilizations were developing around the same time as those other civilizations. However, a key difference is their unexplainable disappearance and at one point lost in time. The only information there is comes from the ruins that there left of. The thesis is the idea that these three civilizations were somehow interconnected and got lost in time.
Cuzco, Pero is a very advanced city for its time. The city name Cuzco or Qosqo which means “navel of the earth” in ancient Incan times. In the Mayan times throughout its history has the oldest inhabitants in the Americas. It went as far back in the 12th century and is very advanced for its time. For example, i.e. “having canals for when flooding occurs.” (Margolis 36). Some time into the future around 1850; It is theorized that Spanish conquistadors from European territory arrived and infected mostly everyone got infected from European diseases.

The Mayan Civilization came in power in early 200 (Anno Domini). The villages were becoming cities. At the peak of the Mayan Civilization, there were around 40 cities containing around Five thousand to Fifty Thousand. Despite being the first of the three civilizations and being the most advanced “Yet their decline starred by 800 AD” (Hopkins 26). The Mistorie behind the demise of the Mayan people is the lack of supply. Just simply put it, the population grew so much that the farmland became overused and everybody died of famine.

the Aztecs were created long after the Mayan people. In the year 1345, a group of people in central Mexico went searching for a new home. There was a legend that the people believed that; “A prophet led them to an island on a lake Texcoco, in the valley of Mexican. That later became the great city of Tenochtitlan” (Maldonado 3). 1519 was the height of the Aztecs, city covering five square miles. Having the population ranging from 250 and 400 inhabitants. It had everything houses, temples etc. Religion was an important part of everyday life, the society was ruled by a godlike emperor. They believed in human saftravises to keep the sun alive. The true decline of the civilization was in 1519. Hernan Cortes and his army arrived to the city and took out the Emperor at the time who was Montezuma II. He surrender the city to Cortes in 1521,

Before the ancient cities like the great britain and the middle east. There where the Mayan Civilization, Aztecas; The Inca. These ancient civilizations were developing around the same time as those other civilizations.
But one key difference is there unexplainable disappearance and at one point lost in time. So, The thesis is that these three civilization were somehow interconnected, and got lost in time. And the facts are there the three civilization had similar city sizes, technologies, same beliefs of gods and the list goes on. But hey it’s just a theory after all.

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