Essay: The Montana American Indian Reservation

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  • The Montana American Indian Reservation
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This research paper will be talking about is the Blackfeet Tribe. This research paper will include information about the Blackfeet Reservation’s historical movement of their people, their relationship with the U.S. government and the documents that define its relationship, the physical location, its current government structure, the reservation economics and some special information about the Indian Tribe.
The Blackfeet Indian Reservation is located in the northwest region of Montana. The reservation neighbors Glacier National Park on the west and Canada on the north. Some communities included in the Blackfeet Reservation are Babbage, Browning, East Glacier, Heart Butter and St. Mary. There are eight different lakes within the reservation. There is also 175 miles of streams on the Blackfeet Reservation.Some schools that are within the Blackfeet Tribe include Napi School, Browning High School, Browning Middle Scho, Heart Butte High School, K W Bergan School and China Chattin School. The Browning High School was just recently built in 2009 making it one of the newest high schools in Montana. Their graduation rate is 61%.(“Blackfeet Indian Reservation.” Wikipedia. May 30, 2017. Accessed July 09, 2017.

The Blackfeet’s current government is ran through sovereign government. The tribal people elect the Tribal Business Council. The current Tribal Business Council includes; chairman Harry Barnes, vice-chair Terry Tatsey and secretary Tyson Running Wolf. (“Blackfeet Indian Reservation.” Wikipedia. May 30, 2017. Accessed July 09, 2017.

According to the Blackfeet’s oral history their ancestors occupied this area about 10,000 years ago. The Blackfeet Reservation is larger than the state of Delaware which means the tribe is 3,000 square miles. The reservation have 16,500 registered members in 2010. During the winter of 1883-84 over 500 Blackfeet people died from starvation therefore they called that winter the Starvation Winter.

The Blackfeet are known for mastering art. Their art included embroidery, basket making and beading. Not only did you see their art on their clothes but also on their teepee’s. (“Blackfoot Indian Facts.” BLACKFOOT INDIAN FACTS. Accessed July 09, 2017.

They relied on buffalo for a lot of different things including food, clothing, shelter and their domestic and military equipment.The Blackfeet Tribe used teepee’s as their shelter. Beings the tribes followed the herd they had to be ready to pack up art quickly so their teepee’s were made to be able to tear down and set up quickly. The teepees also normally housed eight people; two men, three women and three children. The Blackfeet Reservation could pack up their whole camp and be on their way to the next place in a hour or less. Normally the women got the job to tear down and put up the teepee’s. Their teepee’s were normally made out of buffalo hide. The Blackfeet Reservation was made up mostly of skilled hunters. The main animal that they hunted was buffalo. They had to travel in groups when looking for food so that they could cover more ground in less time.(“Shelter and arts and crafts.” Blackfoot Tribe. Accessed July 09, 2017.

The Blackfeet major source of income is oil and natural gas leases. Some other economical resources include ranching, and a small amount of lumber. The small amount of lumber supports the pencil factory in Browning. (“Blackfeet Indian Reservation.” Wikipedia. May 30, 2017. Accessed July 09, 2017.

The Blackfeet Indian Tribe migrated from the Great Lake region to the northwestern United States. Which is about 1476 miles, which is at least 19 days and 7 hours. The 19 days and 7 hours is constantly walking and having good weather to keep going and never have to stop. They primarily live on the Northern Great Plains in Montana and Idaho.

Two famous people from the Blackfeet Indian Reservation include Crowfoot and Kalani Queypo. Crowfoot was the person who signed a peace treaty with the Canadian government. Japan Queypo is a well known actor with a Blackfoot heritage.(“Blackfoot Indian Facts.” BLACKFOOT INDIAN FACTS. Accessed July 09, 2017.

The Blackfeet Indian Reservation did not show up for the negotiation of Fort Laramie Treaty in 1851. Article 5 defined their territory. They used the Musselshell, Missouri, Yellowstone Rivers and the Rocky Mountains as markers for making the Blackfeet territory.

How did the Blackfeet get their name? It comes from the black dyed moccasins worn by some members of the tribe at the time of early contact with non-Indians.

The Blackfeet Indian Reservation avoids eating fish and using cables. They believe that the rivers and lakes hold special power through habitation of Underwater People called the Suyitapis. The Suyitapis are the power source of medicine bundles, painted lodge covers and other sacred items.

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