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Essay: The Progressivism Era

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  • The Progressivism Era
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The progressivism era, an time after the Industrial Revolution, where
people started to fix the problems caused by the Industrial Revolution. Like
the urbanization, the process of making an area more urban, the
destruction of forest and the building of factor releasing smog into the air.
People with skills at the job they worked at, had to work overtime, past the
time they needed. Cities became overpopulated , neighborhoods became
dirty and unsafe to walk around at night.The crime rate was rising
dramatically Jobs were becoming dangerous and people were not even
getting breaks, they did not even pay enough, 10 cents an hour. Women got
1⁄3 to 1⁄2 of what men got, children were doing labor too.
The progressive era was an time were those people decided to stand up to
what the country was doing and to stop it from getting any worse. People
rose up, they were called social reformers, like Jane Addams, and
journalist like Jacob Riis, and Ida Taibel, became strong voices for
progressivism. They helped expose the corporate greed and helped those
who were afraid to stand up and fight back, mostly immigrants.
Other social reforms helped other americans register to vote and political
corruption. It all started in 1890 when an group of people thought about
what was going and tried to stop it. The progressivism grew stronger when
an voice from the white house joined in. In 1910 president Theodore
Roosevelt came into office, he also believed that the corporates action
must be stopped before it got out of hand.A group of people that went by
the “Wobblies”, they were workers in the Industrial Revolution, they had a
different perspective of the progressivism era. People wanted to
strengthen the capitalism with Progressivism.

It was founded in 1905 in chicago, illinois, in the United States.They also
called themselves, Industrial Works of the World Labor Union, which was
founded June 27, of 1950.The founders of this group were Eugene V. Debs,
Bill Haywood, Mary Harris Jones, Lucy Parsons, and Thomas J. Hagerty.
There was about 3,028 members in the US, almost 2,000 in the UK, and a
total of 200 in German. Members started leaving quickly in the late 1910’s
and 1920’s. They got in fights with another labor group with the name of
(AFL) American Federation of Labor. They said that the “Wobbles” (IWW),
were to radica, for this members started leaving. Members also left
because of the government’s crackdowns on radical, an anarchist and
socialist groups during the Red Scare after World War 1. In Canada the
groups were outlawed by the federal government.

By 1918 the progressivism act spreaded across the country, by the help of
Muckrakers. Muckrakers were writers and spokesmen who wrote about
the terrible conditions, like child labor, poverty, an the dangerous jobs
with low pay. The spokesmen, would talk to people about the problems,
gather crowds and encourage people to stand up. They became the
movement that allowed presidents that supported the progressivism
movement, and they were called progressive presidents. The presidents,
Theodore Roosevelt, (1901-1909), William Howard Taft, (1909-1913), and
Woodrow Wilson, (1913-1921), were part of the succsus of the
progressivism movement. The IWW split apart around 1920, but it was said
that they came back together around WW2. The Progressivism movement
ended after WW1 was over and it was time to rebuild.

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