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Essay: The Spanish and Ottoman Empire

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  • The Spanish and Ottoman Empire
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The Spanish empire and the Ottoman empire were both large empires, and they got empires, and they get there by conquering lands, cities, and other empires. The Spanish empire set out towards the Americans, the same way they drove out the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula. The Spanish also used conquistadors which were conquerors that ventured out to the Americans to search for gold and convert the Native Americans to search for gold and convert the Native Americans to Christianity. On the other hand, the Ottomans was a Gunpowder empire, which means it relied on artillery. The Ottomans were conquering cities such as Constantinople, which was renamed Istanbul after it was conquered by one of the Ottoman empire’s great emperors, Suleiman the Magnificent, and he ruled from 1520 to 1566; he also conquered Belgrade and laid siege to Vienna. Both the Spanish and the Ottoman empires are politically similar because they both used their military to promote their religion and forced labor, but they had differences when it came to economics.
The Spanish empire and the Ottoman empire built their empire similarly because they both used their military to promote their religion and, forced labor. The Spanish empire used their military to force the natives in Latin America to work in encomiendas which were for systems in which native Americans mined silver in exchange for salvation of Christianity, but in reality this Spaniards work Native Americans to death. Like the Spaniards, the Ottomans use the military to participate in slavery because it was illegal to enslave a Muslim, and encouraged their religion. By using their military the Spaniards and the Ottomans were able to build their empire.
Both empires were extremely different and it came economics. The Spanish Empire was a sea-base empire, so it participated in slave trade, and the Columbian exchange, and because it was sea based empire, the Spanish Empire was divided among its lands. Unlike like the Spanish empire, the Ottoman Empire was a land-based empire, so it was extremely large, and it focused more on agriculture and not industry, in its power centralized.
Another similarity between the Spanish Empire and the Ottoman Empire was a social structure. Even though the Empire social structures weren’t exactly the same, David started with people who believed in religion and ended with people who didn’t. In the Spanish Empire, the social class was divided into five classes. At the top were the peninsulares, which were Spaniards from Europe; next were the creoles, they were Spaniards born in the Americas. After the creoles, were the mestizos, and they were people with Spanish and native American parents, next were the mulattoes, and they were people with Spanish and African parents. Lastly, at the bottom class where the castas, and they were people with African and native American parents. Like the Spanish Empire, the Ottoman Empire’s social structure was basically divided into to two classes. The top class were Muslims and the bottom class were the rest of society and had to pay taxes. Also the Ottoman Empire’s social structure mostly included a large number of merchants and artisans.

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