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The training/ professional development you received to progress and be successful in your role  within a hospitality/tourism and events industry. (1000 words)

AHS Hospitality is considered as the main business of Australia’s hospitality guest services contributor for the accommodation industry. AHS started the business since 1993, they have been supplying subcontract to managing the accommodation services into hotels and any serviced apartments all over the Asia Pacific. The Chandler Macleod Group obtained AHS company in 2012 and team up with one of the largest providers in the region concerning in human resource solutions for strategic benefit and define the right talent to be evaluated due to growing the workforce. Regardless, AHS has the central point to delivers a high standard quality for in-house method servicing a lot of variety hotels start from 3 – 5 star also any boutique sites hotel in lower cost. Furthermore, this company hires over 6,000 employees to take the responsibility facilitate the hospitality accommodation services around Australia, New Zealand and many countries in Asia. This services include a different selection of management services for housekeeping, maintenance, minibar, front office, and other more specification services job in AHS business.

Moreover, training is educating the abilities, knowledge and capabilities that are required to execute a particular occupation inside the work environment and workplace (Charoensap, 2016). It is a crucial step to get the training program before starting the actual work to the company as an opportunity to expanding knowledge, highly standard of the qualification skills based on theoretical and practical at the same time. The training program development contributes the company and individual in the good position of advantages which construct the cost and time as a valuable investment (Campion, 1987). It comprehends the current knowledge-skills which learned and used in the past of working time to improve those potential in the right position for the future profession.

Particular objectives of the training program to acquire personal development in the ability, problem identification, limit, profitability, critical thinking and performance. Additionally, working in the practical hospitality businesses require to get hold in the normal working situation utilizing the actual tools, equipment and materials after fully trained to acquire effectively fulfill the job (Marentakis, 2016). Moreover, in the training program it refers to the weaknesses in the specific skills to be recognized and strengthened for each employee to improve in the workplace. In general, working in hospitality and tourism environment referring to AHS Crown Towers Melbourne which every day constantly doing the same job performance with plenty of knowledge and skills, but training assists new employees dealing with different variety of unexpected situations and approaches such as complain guest, very messy and dirty room, rude customer and many other circumstances. However, employees who work in services industry area should be able to work in the team work, corporate and make an interaction with different people every day.

In hospitality businesses, housekeeping is one of the leading production in the hotel companies to achieve high quality of expectation and satisfaction from customer and the company (Jones, 2009). Nevertheless, there are a lot of particular inaccuracy in housekeeping area for instance bad quality of cleaning rooms, poor time management from the housekeepers which quality not matched with the time and cost that has been issued by the company. In the beginning, new employees have to undertake a different segment of training before working in the actual component. The first thing to do is accomplished the online training, basically it is focusing about crown induction in AHS company for housekeeping department. There are 8 modules to read through every pages and learn all the basic information, the following section should be doing the assessment for pass the minimum score. It comes up as completed assessment after passing the minimum score for each module and the result would be a certificate for signifying basic training with specific department and outsourced company in Crown Towers. The section contains gaming, health and safety, emergency recognition, operating with chemicals, electrical safety, environment and respecting each other. Furthermore, there is an induction day to signing the contract and displayed a video presentation about cleaning rooms in proper stages. The following activity strolling around the hotel area to get a better understanding about hotel directory as the knowledge of facility and function in Crown Towers Melbourne.

In the first week of training, the new staffs teamed up with the experienced staff and trainers to demonstrated about the following stages of cleaning rooms for instance how to use the chemicals and particular cleaning tools. Moreover, at the time to cleaning rooms housekeeper utilizes a lot of different chemicals and biohazard which is very important to using gloves for cleaning the bathroom area. Room attendant should be necessary to identify the four chemicals such as the blue glass mirror, orange for shower and basin area, green for toilet and air refresher for room side area. In addition, at the beginning of the shift to start there is a briefing by the supervisor about focus of the day and weaknesses or complain about the services and many others. The following step to do exercises for prevent injuries during working time. In the meantime, both of the supervisor and manager always remind the employees to pay an attention about look professional and appropriate appearances during housekeeping service. Generally, it is very crucial concerning about a professional and well groomed appearances to get a good impression in every profession work line especially services hospitality industry.

In particular, there is a device for housekeeping system which every staffs get an allocation in the certain floor and the housekeeper need to press start button in the system every time they begin to cleaning rooms because the working time suits type of room. This indicates the time calculation and efficiency of cleaning room for each person for hamper the high turnover rate in the company. Moreover, the housekeeper should complete the work on the device designates the room is already completed. As a result, the employees should occasionally or not to abandon the work that has been assigned. This generates employee to be responsible and do the maximum high standard of work to accomplish the goals.

In the next following months, turn down service training is a part of housekeeping services as an industry placement student working in AHS Crown Towers. The turn down service supervisor organized 2 days training with the experienced staff to distribute the following steps such as turn down the bed, cleaning bathroom area if it is needed and many other stages. Additionally, every turn down staff needs to ask approval from the guest to do the turn down service unless the room is unattended and it is very often some of the guests ask questions or request which not relevant with the company or turn down services. In the beginning of training, new turn down service employees got trained to be able answer and deal with unexpected situation during the shift, this shows how important communication skills, interaction and problem solving in the professional industry.

Therefore, training will enable new development to be made because it is a path for both worker and manager to assemble and have an exchange as a piece of the dynamic learning. It presents employees to wide point of view, aptitude and mastery, where it would be a triumph in the career. As a result, AHS training educates as an employee requires to be capable of fast learner and easily get used to the new environment. This training allows to boost up the confidence as an employee to get sufficient knowledge and strong understanding about the company also specification or responsibilities of the job, it makes an employee to be more aware with the safety practices and proper procedures (Landers, 2004). This assembles an employee to be more evolving with new ideas and problem solutions for consistency and satisfaction during the work time.

Based on your current employer appraisal what areas need further development and how will you implement this development to improve your performance to a graduate level. (1000 words)

The hospitality industry is significantly more extensive than most different industries, the dominant part of business specialties are made out of various organizations (Claveria, 2015). However, this industry applies to about any business that is centered on consumer satisfaction and encounter leisurely than the basic one. Therefore, the companies in this business industry should carry out their level of finest services to avoid the customers get a bad experience during their stay in the hotel.

Organizations recruit employees based on ability and conduct (Hughes, 2008). Even though, some of the applicants have a good knowledge and experiences but they would find a lot of differences in the real working industry especially in particular companies. Every company has their own regulations, different systematic work which all employees especially for new starters required to get an appraisal from their manager or supervisor. Employee appraisal is the structured assessment to comprehend the capacities and facilitate development also improvement based on employee performance integrates written and verbal process (Farndale, 2013). Generally, the superiors analyze the work performances and deliver a feedback to the employee. This execution defines strengths and weaknesses among the employee capability in work performances which guide the employees to working on their weaknesses to make a further development.

Undoubtedly, a lot of companies use this program as a progress to make an evaluation in the working situation. During my internship experience in AHS Crown Towers, AHS also used this appraisal to their employee in housekeeping services. AHS Crown Towers employ 200 staffs and every year there are a lot batch of new employees join this company. In this particular services, housekeeping consists of room attendant, amenities, houseman, turn down service and minibar. It would be very difficult for the managers and supervisors to assess each one of their employees, because of that there is a supervisor in every job department to handle the overall working performance areas and they have a different approach for this employee appraisal.

In the first 2 months of my working time was a room attendant in the morning shift, each supervisor had to handle 3 floors which makes them easily to preserve the working situation especially for their staffs to be expected maintain a practical working system. As a new employee, my first week was the hardest of all working time in there because I had to make an adaptation with new environment and enrolled the strict rules and restrictions. Admittedly, everything that I learned in BMIHMS Campus during year 2 was quite beneficial but in the real industry requires to develop our knowledge and skills to be succeeded.

Crown Towers Resort is a 5 stars hotel recorded in Forbes list as one of the best hotels, they conserve high quality of standard from good services, room cleanliness and importantly excellent customer satisfaction by AHS outsourced company. I have received a lot of feedback from the executives especially the trainers, The critics based on my working system, quality of the working result and a lot improvement in upcoming weeks. When I was doing morning shift to cleaning rooms, I got trained by one of the housekeeping AHS manager in Crown Towers and also the professional staffs that have been working for a long time which mastered all the skills required to give any critics, tips and trick conducting the room cleaning training program. Generally, critics could be a breakdown looking as a negative way, or established as a good foundation for employee to expand the potential and improvement. First time working as a housekeeper in the real hospitality industry especially in high standard of 5 stars hotel was a real challenge for me as a starter to settle in and growing my skills and knowledge. However, this appraisal program has been a privilege to growing and to be encouraged by that critics and feedback. It was actually assisted me to remain and sustain n with the new fast paced environment.

Despite working for AHS company, the location is in Crown Towers Melbourne which mostly all the guests who come and stay relaxing in this hotel are loyal customers Crown Towers, they would ask a lot of facilities and function in this area during their stay. For instance, there are a lot of guests questioning the staffs about spa, pool, gym, breakfast lounge, crystal club and many unexpected questions. In addition, I got asked about other facilitations from this 5 stars hotel to be given outside the room facilities such as microwave, baby cot, baby stroller and many other things which provided by AHS Company for Crown Towers guests. There is a specialist in general services in this hotel, they served uncommon request from the guest and could be charged by the hotel. As a staff, every single question should be answered or make a confirmation for accuracy and certainty for the guest demand. It is very crucial to build and manage the strong knowledge about the company which the employee is currently working, although AHS is an outsourced company in Crown Towers Melbourne but it relates to each other to achieve the goals of both companies.

Based on my appraisal, I have received another important part to pay more an attention to the details during work. Working in the 5 stars hotel like Crown Towers is a big deal, the employees can not missed every single details which has to be a perfection. This appraisal is critical when working as a room attendant and the turn down service staff. During cleaning rooms as a housekeeper can not be unable to make a vital mistake because we need to preserve their high quality standard of the rooms especially highly priced rooms such as suites room, tower suites and villa. The first 3 weeks of working in room attendant, I got a highlight feedback about lacking in dusting area for furniture and wardrobe also the quality of cleanliness after vacuuming bathroom area which the supervisors still found any pieces of hair or dusts. I found it really hard to see it clearly because of the marble pigment and furniture color. On the other hand, working as a turn down staff that should be precisely finish 60 rooms or more less than 5 hours to make the guest more pleasant during their stay such as make sure the bath mat and slipper mat straight, bed is turn downed and looked neat and tidy also many requests from the customer. The feedbacks and criticism from my superiors in every department during this industry placement make a lot of advantages for me to improve in this industry and future ahead.

Similarly, another skill that I need to be improved in the real industry is communication skills especially my own people skills, working in hospitality industry means meeting different people everyday especially for the guest which have stayed with Crown Towers before or new guest that want to experience the services and facilities from this hotel. In the daily basis, the employees should be dealing a variety of problems, thus it requires good communication skills to fulfill and complete services request. It is very crucial to not incorporate personal feeling at work because working in this industry should look professional and convincing. In hospitality industry, it is a process to build a good relation with other people such as guests, managers, and another important superiors to easily expand the connection in the future.

Clearly, based on this appraisal should be taken the positive side of this work performance to improve deficiency of feedbacks with practice the little things of enhancement as a habit, remember details, take a note to help the task done perfectly. Furthermore, setting goals to achieve the final improvement such as a good timing in cleaning rooms or doing turn down service, escalating the room standard like dusting and cleanliness area or many other shortages that I received from the feedbacks. The most important thing, employees need to be comfortable and enjoy the work or do not to feel like working in burden because a lot of learning process could be taken while working in the real industry. In conclusion, this implementation could be convenient in the graduate level as a development in future ahead.

Research and conduct an interview with a manager within the rooms division/food and beverage/events department in your workplace. Identify the skills, experience and attributes required for this role. From an operations perspective evaluate how these skills, experience and attributes are utilized to be an effective manager. (1500words)

Manager is an occupation title that is utilized as a part of associations to indicate a worker who has certain obligations to lead capacities or offices as well as representatives (Ozalp, 2017). This position is vital enclosed by every division. Workers who have the employment title of manager have assorted obligations regarding individuals and capacities. The manager supervises staff, guaranteeing they are prepared appropriately, go along with organization rules and arrangements, play out the occupation acceptably and get feedback all the time. Manager must be able to grasp orders from upper administration and to then make an interpretation of them to staff so everybody is in the same agreement and understanding (Alca, 2001). Thus, a manager’s obligation is to lead the association to success and every manager has a different way of method for conducting, encouraging and training their staff. The example of this managerial level is from an interview of the housekeeping manager in AHS Crown Towers Melbourne which explained more further about this.

Verena Anger is one of the quality and training manager in AHS Crown Towers Resort Melbourne, she started the hospitality journey back in Germany in 1985. It has been her passion to working in this industry area after finished her education and moved on 3 years of industry placement . Futhermore, she joined AHS company in 2000 as a supervisor and got promoted to be a training manager from 2003 until 2014 based on Mantra on Russel in Melbourne. However, AHS detached the connection with Mantra on Russel Hotel and she transferred to Crown Towers Melbourne. Verena likes every single moment in this company to assist people, working together as a team and many other things based of what she wants since the beginning.

In hospitality services industry, she distinguishes every day is a different challenge and problem but at the end of the day is always the same obstacle to be handled. Hotel is composed of connection departments which relate to each other, it consists of housekeeping, front office, food and beverage, sales, human resources, events, and entertainments. Consequently, every department should work efficiently and cooperate to each other in avoiding any stumble balance and procedure. Generally, housekeeping is one of the essential from a successful service in a hotel because the guest directly get the result in such a high quality standard of rooms and how the housekeeper services dealing with customer demands every day.

There are a lot of skills and attributes that required for the role of manager in housekeeping area such as passion, professional, delicate, dependable, fair and many more. These factors contribute to working as a manager of quality and training program in Crown Towers. During her work, she has to be a professional to because she is the leader and major role model in all housekeeping subordinates. She needs to be able handle any situation and condition in the work place such as angry guest, another manager from different department or even her staffs with a professionalism settlement. She cannot integrate her personal feelings into making decisions especially to her own staffs or associates. Importantly, she must look professional during work like appearances because working in this industry the professional look is number one priority because every day a manager is meeting a different customer, directors and must look persuaded.

The second skills and attribute is to be a dependable person and problem solving skills, every time the workers or any other person complain and make a request the manager should be doing it directly and responsible with it. Housekeeping manager should get and follow up on complain from any guests identifying with the condition of their rooms or public areas. The customer may criticize that the room is not legitimately cleaned or that it does not have any supplies that should provided inside the room. In different examples, the guest could notice a not functional physical part like bathroom fixtures are not useful or that the electrical equipment provided. The complains are transferred to the housekeeping manager who quickly makes an action to achieve the goals and get customer satisfaction. The obligations of a housekeeping manager likewise incorporate providing details regarding lost-and-discovered property belongs to the guests or other visitors.

Generally, when people working as an employee in the company and they want to be treated fairly from one and another especially in housekeeping department which requires a lot of skills, technique and procedures. Housekeeping manager has to train all the employees properly and should not differentiate their employees based on work performance or how long they have been working in the company like more capable or experience and many more. Although, a lot of new employees join the AHS company and as a quality and training manager, probably some of them worked in housekeeping services before and recognize the working procedures but the rest they do not distinguish it. The training manager has to maintain the quality of training equally for the trainees to get the same understanding and perform the job perfectly.

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