How to write a biology essay

Biology is the study of living organisms in both plants and animals, and the conceptual structures around them be it their growth, function, origins or evolution.

It is therefore the easiest branch of science to relate to as these are things we are accustomed to being in contact with, only that here they are more detailed and expounded. When taking a major in Biology, you either focus on Botany or Zoology which are the two main branches of Biology.

The following sections offer fundamental guidelines on how to write a biology essay.

When writing a Biology essay, just like all other essays you mainly lay focus on one specific area i.e. if it is Botany; you have to come up with a thesis topic that will elaborate on the exact part of botany you will be looking into. This thesis will be your absolute guide throughout your writing as not to stray into different subdivisions of botany as it’s a wide branch of biology. If given the choice to either choose between zoology and botany, pick the branch you better relate to. This will jolt your enthusiasm throughout the work.

It is advisable to follow the standard steps; ‘introduction, main body and conclusion’ format of writing the essay. In the introduction, familiarize the reader with your study and what it will be about. In the main body elaborate on your thesis. During the essay make sure you make the necessary citations and references to improve on your credibility. In the conclusion, make a summary of all the points you have raised from the introduction and main body making sure the conclusion exclusively supports your thesis.

  • Come up with an outline of what and how you are going to tackle the essay. This outline will act as a safeguard around you and as you start doing research on the topic, you will be able to refer to the outline and confirm you are researching the correct things. This outline will also come in handy as you write, since it will act as a guide on how you put down your thoughts constructively and ensure that your essay will have continuity.
  • Before commencing writing, make sure you have carried out extensive research on the topic; this will ensure you have ample materials to include in your essay. Make use of the provided references (optional by the professor), do online research in the scientific databases, scientific journals and also Google scientific scholars. Libraries are also another resourceful sources providing needed information.
  • When doing the research, be sure to have extra materials on the side, as Biology essays being extensive, have a high word count and having this idea in mind will certainly be a motivator when carrying out the research. Make sure at the end of the research, the material gathered will be enough to enable you to reach the word count.
  • After writing your conclusion, be sure to include a page full of your various sources and advisably use APA format of referencing. This may vary as different instructions may have been given to you by your professor. Be cautious not to overuse referencing. Use the references to back up ideas or to cement our personal opinions.

Unlike other essays, biology essays come with an advantageous angle as they allow the use of graphs, diagrams and various illustrations in the essay. The use of these various illustrations serves the purpose of elaborating your thesis in detail, visualizing your thesis, supporting your study and research as well as a back up to your ideology or argument point that you may have raised. The use of illustrations will not only increase your credibility, it will also considerably increase marks.

After researching and writing, ensure you have gone through all of your work to ensure you have corrected any mistakes you may have made. Learning how to write a biology essay is not just about writing but also about grammar and spelling. Grammar and spelling mistakes are penalized heavily and if you don’t review your work even a good essay will be marked down.

Biology is an interesting branch study of science, and as you write the essay be sure to make your essay appealing and interesting to a reader, execute the thesis vigilantly.

By considering and taking heed to all of the above pointers, you are a step closer towards achieving and getting a pass in your biology essay paper upon submission.

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