How to write a French essay

As a student of the French language, you have cuddled the romance and beauty of French studies. French essays offer an opportunity to expand on that love for the French language, as well as accumulate fascinating stories to present a critical and thought provoking French essay.

French essays are a call to revisit the French culture, French grammar construction, French dialects, and/or the French alphabet. A good French essay is one that contains a strong thesis statement as it helps to explain the aims and goal of the essay.

Below are some guidelines on how to write a French essay so you are able to get the best grade you deserve:

Introductory Paragraph

A typical French essay follows an introduction section having a strong topic sentence. The main points and arguments, together with any evidence available, are contained in the body of the essay. A complete French essay also has a concluding paragraph. The main purpose of a concluding paragraph is to wrap up the essay by restating the major points in the essay. This format is useful for the construction of side points within the main paragraph. This helps to focus on the crucial areas of discussion.

An introductory paragraph is crucial as it sets the tone and perception of the essay. When writing a French essay care should be taken in designing the tone, structure, length, and flow of the introductory paragraph. An introductory paragraph should always feature strong argumentative points, followed by moderate and weak points. This helps to secure the flow of the essay. The flow of the first paragraph should be conformed to that of the body. The succeeding sections should work to expand ideas introduced at the beginning of the essay. They should reflect back on some of the claims introduced at the beginning of the essay and offer evidence of every claim. The introductory paragraph is what captures the attention and fascination of the reader, thus it should be as interesting as possible. The introduction comprises of the synopsis and thesis statement. The synopsis offers a summary of the important parts of French essay, and introduces various theoretical frameworks applied in the essay. A thesis statement refers to a statement of claim constructed by the essay writer. Usually, the statement provides the nature of the relationship between two main variables under analysis. It provides the threshold on which a French essay writer determines all other arguments and claims that feature in the essay. It also provides direction, and supports the tone of the essay. Such knowledge should highly feature in constructing a thesis statement for a French essay.


The body contains the main ideas, arguments, and claims. This section also houses all evidence provided in the essay. Knowing how to write a French essay well is about understanding more than just writing. There are certain things that need to be thought about. Before embarking on the process of writing the essay, you should have a draft that contains a highlight of the main points of discussion. Highlighting the main points helps to save time and enhances the writer’s focus in the essay. You should also add pertinent information to reinforce the claim of your main clause. This will help in giving the essay substance and weight. In instances where you are contrasting and comparing two variables, you should provide crucial argumentative clauses and points to completely develop the main point of view. Always start new paragraphs with topic sentences. This introduces the reader to the main point of discussion under the section and achieves a good flow for the section. Every idea should maintain consistency and facts should be linked to the cited source. A good French essay should reflect an in depth pre-writing investigation of data and information, and all gathered material should be cited to show the origin of the data/information.

The body is crucial as it determines whether the analysis will attain its objective or not. As such, all every statement and argument should be reinforced with possible evidence. If the analysis has applied any theoretical reasoning, there should be factual evidence that connects the scholarly information to reality. The essay should show a clear connection between the theoretical application and the reality on the ground. Theories are a good application because they enhance the writer’s knowledge and make the essay more interesting, as well as informative.

Collecting Data and Information

Writing a French Essay is more demanding than the other kind of essays. This is because such essays require that you reflect a deep understanding of the French language and its rich and diverse culture. As a French essay writer, you are expected to reveal a deep understanding of the language through the use of vocabulary, phrases, French sayings and others. Before writing the essay, it is crucial to go over your notes. This will enable you to re-organize them and eliminate insignificant points. As you read the notes, always pick major points that will be used to write the essay. If there is any doubt, a visit to the instructor will help clear things out. Usually, instructors set sample exam questions. If this is the case, make good use of the instructor. One sure way to do this is through answering the sample questions sourced from the instructor and responding to them. They can be sent back to the instructor for evaluation. Sample questions to enable one to sharpen his/her knowledge over certain topics. The samples can act as data collection sources because they act as crucial sources of information. When one encounters a complicated sample question, he/she is required to carry out sufficient research on the topic. Such initiatives act as mind openers in that they expose one to a pool of information. Such information can be useful when handling another French essay. If the essay is presented in an exam setting, chances are high there can lack opportunities for referring to secondary sources.

Use online sources like QuestiaGoogle Scholar, and Highbeam to completely document your arguments, deductions, and conclusions. Class notes and the school library are also crucial data and information collection points. An in-depth research will ensure that you construct a persuasive and rich essay. When highlighting the major points for the essay, consider length, typographical errors, as well as the guidelines provided by the instructor.

Another crucial provision to consider is the structure of the French essay. The structure should reflect standard essay format as per the guidelines provided by your instructor. A standard French essay should be formatted according to MLA or APA format guidelines, with the font as times new roman, size 12. Unless otherwise stated, the spacing should be double with bold headings. Structure is important in essay writing as an essay that does not follow the right format can lead to loss of marks because it will be less appealing. Appearance is key to constructing an above standard essay.

Concluding Paragraph

The concluding paragraph features at the end of the essay and captures the main points discussed in the essay. It signifies the end of the essay, thus should have the right tone. This section also acts as confirmation whether the essay has achieved its objectives. This section is crucial as it confirms whether the data provided in the previous sections have confirmed the validity of the thesis statement. The section can be viewed as consolidating the discussions in the paper. It signifies the end of the paper , thus should reflect an ending tune. This section; consequently, should not present new information, but should only confirm what has already been discussed in the essay.

Following the guide above will guarantee a you high marks and the grade you deserve.

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