How to write narrative essays

What narrative essays are about

Exposition, Description, Narration, Argumentation (EDNA) are the basic paper assignments given in writing classes. Even though these genres were and still are criticized by some scholars, it is recognized the wide spread of them and the fact that students need to learn them.

Narrative essays are often confused with telling a story because they often involve expressing creative and anecdotal structures, and encourages students to write in a moving way. Here are some points to consider when writing a narrative essay:

When written as a story, it should include all parts found in the structure of a story.

The structure of a story includes and introduction, plot, characters, setting, climax, conclusion and all these elements should be in the essay that is written.

Cases when the narrative essay should not be written as a story:

For example, if a teachers asks his students to write a book report, the essay does not have the structure of a story anymore.

The essay should focus in this case on giving precise information for readers.

Give the essay a purpose! Why narrate if you have no point to reach? Make sure your essay gives a message to its readers.

Make a point and sustain it.

Your point of view should be clear.

A common trait of narrative essays is the point of view: usually they are written from the standpoint of the author.

This perspective is not the only one to be considered. Creativity manifests itself in different forms of authorial perspective in narrative essays.

Be clear and concise and use proper grammar.

A narrative essay if more effective if the language is carefully chosen and if the grammar is correct. In your essay use specific language to evoke emotions and senses in the reader, and do not use the short, colloquial forms of the language. The first person pronoun “I” can be used widely. It is a very good technique, but is not necessary so do not abuse it.

The last but the most important rule: be organised!

Make your statement clear in introduction and set the tone for the essay. It is recommended that you have a clear point and a simple approach so that your reader understand your point without any difficulty. Do not forget: you control the essay so guide in the direction you wish.