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  • The Relevance of the Constitution
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The Constitution, formed by the founding father of the United States on September 17, 1787. The Constitution was written to be used as an outline for our country, and to show how this nation should be governed and structured in many years to come. In past centuries these amendments and articles have helped this country flourish and thrive into what it is today. However, many critics of political descent have become to question if a document written 231 years ago has relevance in today’s events. Others believe it just needs additions and adjustments, others say how someone can have the audacity to change such a sacred document to this country. This brings a question forward, is the constitution still relevant in our country today and will it be relevant in many years to come?
​The constitution is a single document that effects everyone in the United States. The Constitution has been something that has not only shaped our nation but, the people in it. This single document is important because it is what separates us from other countries. To answer the question is the constitution still relevant today and will it be relevant in the future? The answer to that question is yes, that reason is because without the Constitution the United States would not be what is today. Even though the Constitution is hundreds of years old, it can still be added to and altered. That is important because that means if the constitution was not able to be altered, it would not have any relevance in today and any relevance for the future. The Constitution is a guide to the United States without it, our country would not be governed equally and some of the most important rights to people would be ripped away from the people. This document will never be perfect, firstly because it was made by people and because there will always be constant change within our country. That is why it is so important that the people of the United States are able to alter and cut away parts of the document.

To what extent are we going to alter the Constitution? Oxford Academics, Scholar Joel Colon-Rios writes; “How can a constitutional order protect its amendment rule against an ordinary amendment? How can we ensure, for example, that political actors are unable to use the ordinary amendment process in order to legally bypass an eternity clause” (Colon-Rios 2015). Joel focus on a really big point, how are going to protect the constitution from amendments like this being bypassed. Colon-Rios goes further onto say that amendments should go under a period of self-entrenchment provision. Where they could be finalized and made sure they are for pure reasons only to benefit our country.
Amendments that should be addressed by the United States Government and have an amendment created is immigration and marriage with a focus in same sex marriage. Immigration would be an amendment that should be added in great detail, so that there would be no confusion on the topic. As presidents go through their terms, there has been major changes on how immigration has been handled. This year many families have been torn apart and separated because of this shakiness with this issue in our government. Marriage within the same sex has been a huge controversial topic within in these last few years. Many states have legalized same sex marriage as others are completely against it. In the constitution it states on how we have freedom of speech, therefore we have the right to love who we want. If marriage is merely just a piece of paper and being recognized by our government. Isn’t freedom of speech the same idea as giving someone the right to marry and love who they want.
​The Constitution is a vital document to our country the United States of America, therefore it shall not perish. Although it should be objected to change, so it will be relevant in today’s world and for tomorrow’s world. As we add the changes to such a powerful document we should be careful and take our time to analyze these changes.

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