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  • Development of app to buy and sell used books
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Company profile- Bookschat

Bookschat is a platform where people can buy or sell used and rare books. Apart from that they can also connect with people through inbuilt chat system. A study has found that based upon similar interests and notions people connect spontaneously, thus chat based system helps us connect with people and forms bond. By accessing this website people can create their profile in which they write about themselves like genre of the books they prefer, or whether they are extrovert or introvert, or anything about themselves that they would like to share. Can be their current relationship status, or about feeds that they would like to share. In order to sell your books or want to know your book’s worth there are experts who will evaluate your book based upon their condition, limited edition, date of publish, ISBN number, pages, publisher, original price, your offer, duration, signed by the author himself.
In order to search a book of your interest there are genres such as fiction, non-fiction, documentary, comedy, novel, fantasy, mystery, science fiction, thriller, romance, young adult, short story, horror, autobiography, history, self-help books, etcetera. Can easily help you locate book of your interest with refined search engines.
Apart from that you can also review books, making the decision of the buyers easier based upon the review. You do get special discount on books if you invite friends.
Here we understand passion a book lover has for those old and new book scents and thus ensure that we offer our readers both the options of buying low priced books.
Consumers can also rent their books for certain period of time just to earn money will seating at their place.
Here at Bookschat we charge only for delivery of books from one place to the another with a minimal amount ranging from 32 to 64 rupees across India. Bookschat can be accessed from play store as well as app store. If you are not an avid mobile user Bookschat has its own website under the address as if as a guest you use the application no offers can be availed, but if you sign up you do get special offers. The application will be compatible with IOS and Android medium users.

Competitor analysis

Bookschat is one of its own due to its distinctive identity of chat based communication, else there are many other applications which do offer used and resale books. Some these are BookChor, BookScouter, Half Price Books, Powell’s Book, Amazon and Your local Indie.
The strengths of these companies are that some of them are well established such as amazon, Half price book which is being owned by eBay, book scouter compares the results of varies website where you can sell your book and gives you the most rational option.
Which these websites do not offer is that they don’t connect buyers, which helps in building up of relationship.
Powell’s strategy is that it attracts customers who wants used books in absolutely perfect condition as it accepts only those books which are in perfect condition.
Amazon clubs the present book offers with products that are available in its stock at such a rate that consumer can’t refuse it so along with sales of books it also wraps up its stock.

Mission and Vision statement

Bookschat motive is to provide books cheaply to those who’s pocket doesn’t allows and it connects people through its chat platform. Bookschat wants to provide continuous service to its customers and regularly bring changes to its software so that consumer can adapt to more faster and easier technology.
Business Model Canvas

Key Partners

Key partners of Bookschat will include Website developer, Software developer, Application developer, Appraiser, Publisher, Courier company.

 Website developer will create an online website for those who have no access to play store or app store.
 Software developer will provide with regular updates so that application and website will work smoothly without any interruption or delays.
 Application manager will develop application for android based and iOS based platform user.
 Appraiser will determine the selling cost of the book, based upon the condition of the book.
 Courier company will be our key partners, helping in delivering books across the country at a cheaper rate.

Key activities

Key activities are Q and A, Software development, Quality control, Internet traffic.
 Q and A will respond to the queries of the customer and will keep a record of it. Most asked question will be suggested to the user.
 Quality control will keep a check with applications around us in order to insure that our application has no environmental threats.
 Internet trafficking lead to crash in website and application thus regular software and updates will be provided just to ensure smooth working of the application.

Value proposition

 With its easy to use, handy and providing everything easily to a naked eye, it is easy to use.
 With its in built chat based system it connects buyers together thus forming new relationships.

Customer relationship

 Appraiser provides personnel assistance to the customers in making decision regarding selling and buying up of books.
 By providing regular feedbacks, it takes the query and problems of the customers and helps in increasing their satisfaction by continuously responding to their problems.

Customer segments

 This application is for all age groups who are in need cheap and rare books.
 It basically targets the lower and middle class groups which accounts for 80% population of our country.

Cost structure

 In order maintain the application, traffic , regular updates. A small variable amount will be involved for smooth working of the application.
 Appraisers amount will also be involved.

Revenue system

 Revenue will be generated based upon the pop ads displayed upon the website and application.

Legal aspects

Business Structure/Intellectual Property Rights Before embarking on the development of the proposed app, it is essential to understand what is meant by an Intellectual property. Intellectual property (“IP”) refers to all the elements that are used during the process of developing and promoting your app. These include the app designs, graphics, app name, app logo, source code, etc. You will need to be aware of some key factors when considering the Intellectual Property Rights: Protecting your app’s intellectual properties from your competitors Professional mobile app developing companies cannot afford to ignore the importance of protecting the intellectual rights of the applications they create. Hence, it is important to be aware of certain tips regarding the protection of intellectual properties. The Intellectual Property Office, which deals with the registration of patents, designs, trademarks and copyright, will carry out a search prior to registering the protection of a new app. This is to ensure that there has been no prior registration to protect the app against any future duplication. If the app is not patented, the intellectual rights on them can be protected via company-wide trade secret agreements which implicitly state that all types of unauthorized public disclosures about the app are banned except the promotional pitches issued by the company. The app can get copyrighted to prevent your app ideas from getting blatantly copied by rival mobile app companies. Also, it is important to get the app code registered to prevent the app designs/features from getting duplicated. Ensuring that you do not infringe the IP of a third party It is difficult to know whether your app might infringe the rights of a third party, but you can take steps to avoid infringement. You can minimize the risk of infringing third-party copyrights or misappropriating third-party trade secrets by making your app an original work and ensuring that the developers have not borrowed the content or code from any other app. You can reduce Intellectual Property infringement risk by conducting a trademark search that looks for prior users of similar marks, and you can conduct a patent search to determine if your app infringes an existing or pending patent.

Development Agreement When an app is developed in-house, you should have agreements in place with your developers so that your business owns the resulting intellectual property rights. When an app is developed through a partnership, each company owns the IPR only over the piece developed by it, in the absence of an agreement to the contrary. If each party involved in the development wants the ability to further exploit the app for commercial and non-commercial purposes, then the parties should execute an agreement of joint ownership of the app wherein which each party will be required to account to the other of the financial benefit derived from its use of the app.

Data Protection and Privacy App users place an implicit trust on any app that they install on their mobile devices and it is essential their trust is not violated in any form. Therefore, data protection and privacy is a fundamental legal consideration when developing a mobile app, any failure of which can have devastation consequences on the business. From a purely data protection point of view, an app is subject to identical guidelines as those of websites and other online businesses. Therefore, the app should contain a comprehensive, clear and accessible privacy policy so that if the app collects data such as the name, contact details, location, unique I.D. or other information of the users, or if the data is to be retained and/or shared with third parties, it is with the permission of the user. Critically, if the app is to be used on a multi-country basis, it will need to comply with the data protection laws of all of the countries in which it is downloaded and used. For instance, there are very strict privacy requirements under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) which specifically deals with apps that are likely to attract children under the age of 13 as users. Advertising Any app generally raises the same advertising law considerations like those for websites, e-mail or other online and networked communications. For example, all communications sent through or in connection with a mobile app must comply with: the Telephone consumer protection act(TCPA) and related Federal Communications commission rules. The TCPA notably provides for private causes of action and high statutory penalties for violations. The Controlling the Assault of Non- Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act of 2003 regulate certain commercial email and text message communications to consumers.


Once you’ve built your app you need to choose the app store(s) and mobile platform provider that will distribute your app. Few factors need to be considered when making a decision about the app distribution, such as, which platform providers are more prescriptive than others, which would reach more audience, etc. The Apple App Store, Google Play, and The Microsoft Windows Phone Marketplace are the largest app stores and are also platform providers. However, platform providers/app stores vary in their requirements and often require you to follow particular compliance policies. The agreements offered by app stores and platform providers (e.g., Apple’s iOS Developer Program License Agreement or Google’s Google Play Developer Program Policies for Android devices) often seek to incorporate various additional usage or compliance policies that may have consequences to the development and distribution of the app and they also may specify particular terms that must be included in an end user agreement with users of an app. An a

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