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  • Electronic receipts app
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For my project I will be talking about an existing services based on the new world that is surrounded by technology. This service exists in the U.S. and it was designed by Proximiant Company. For the project I have decided to ‘’Radical innovate’’ the new technology that has already been created but never introduced in Ireland.
I am a person that loves shopping but hates all the paper receipts that I have to manage and not lose them just in case I have to return an item I have purchased.
I came up with an app for your smart phone that will save all your electronic receipts after all that shopping, especially after Christmas! The idea is not to get rid of the physical receipts but have an easier alternative on saving all that paper. The shop or restaurant owners can purchase this service in the same way you can buy storage on the icloud. The app can be downloaded from the App store or if you have an android play store. This service will save money for the shop owners by not consuming so much paper and also making life easier for their customers.
Once you purchased an item and would like to get your receipts saved on the app you can just scan your phone at the cash register after you paid, this will automatically send you the receipts to the app. To save memory on the app, once the receipt is about to expire you will get a notification to alarm you that it will be deleted in few days.
Outline of my new service.
How would this service work? As I quickly mentioned in the introduction this service can be bought as a monthly subscription by retail shop, restaurant or supermarket owners same way you can buy storage on the internet. It is a virtual service on the web.
For the outside users such as the customers, it can be downloaded on their phones in a matter of seconds. The app will be very easy to follow and store your receipts. You will be able to search for the store or restaurant that has the app available for you to use. Once you found the exact store you need, you can then save it in the app as a folder and all the receipts from there will be stored in that particular folder called e.g PC World.
Once you have purchased an item/ good, after the payment went through you will be asked by a staff member of the store to scan your phone with a barcode which immediately will save any form of receipt in the folder you have made before. If not saved already it will automatically make one for you.
Why my idea is unique.
For this project I will be using one of the levels of innovation and apply it to my idea. Radical Innovations: I will be introducing the app with the innovated electronical receipts to replace the paper ones, making an industry model obsolete.
To make my idea more unique than the one already existing in the U.S. is by making a mobile App instead of just receiving an email with the receipt, Like that you have it all in one particular place.
In everyday life we receive receipts that might have some discounts to use on your next purchase. Normally most of us will throw it away just because it is too much hassle from not just one piece of receipts but multiple ones. The app will save all the discounts under a tab and can be used at any given point until expiration date.
Target Market
The target market for my service would be customers of any age that has a smart phone. The app is created also to target the suppliers as at the customers too. It is a win win for both parties. Shops will spend less money on paper receipts and also save the environment, and for the customer it is more convenient and free.
How I will promote my idea.
To promote the new App you need to know who your audience is and where to find them. Because this idea is not to make profit but to get the new innovation out there I am thinking of a way that you can promote it for free!
Here are some creative ways to promote your mobile app for free:
 Build a teaser website — create the website a month or two in advance before the launch of the new app to the web audience. Get the world hipped up and make them talk!
 Create a product video — make it fun and creative so it catches people`s eyes. Tell a story how this innovation was created.
 Manually recruit customers — reach out to retail stores to get more customers.
 Offering a promotional price — offer a discounted price for the 1st six months until the app is more popular and other stores have heard about it. The price for the service is not much anyways as you pay for virtual storage.
 The web is a great way to promote any type or product or service. All you need to use you social media accounts such as Facebook, twitter or Google+ profiles to promote the app several times in a week.
For my conclusion all I can say is that technology is everything in the 21st century and innovating a service and trying to bring it into Ireland can be a great idea. Start something that can be useful in any type of business you can think off.

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