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Essay: Business processes, systems and IT

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1. What is the linkage between IT, especially enterprise IT, and competition?
It’s not you.it’s really getting harder to compete other guys ,since in the middle of 1990’s competition in the U.S economy accelerated to preceded levels. For better understanding how this IT confess competitive advantage in today’s Economy, By observing all publicly traded U.S companies in all industries looking at performance indicators found some striking patterns, through all this a new competitive dynamic has been emerged it creates greater gap between the leaders and developing companies in all industries. The link between IT and competition has become stronger and thicker in middle of 1990’s.this period marked the start of period of innovation in IT.at that time internet and enterprise IT became practical tools for business. Through this annual productivity growth in U.S companies has been doubled, through this the attention on linkage between enterprise IT and competition is increased(the complete observation of the increase can observe in IT surge Graph ) That is the reason with the help from Harvard Business School researcher Michae Sorell and Feng Zhu, who’s right now an associate instructor at USC they set out a two-year preceding difference the augmentation in IT spending and diverse measures of fulfillment focusing on three quantifiable pointers center, turbulence and execution speed.
2. How can business processes help companies develop and maintain a competitive advantage?
Business process and systems are supported by the hands of unit leaders and regional managers. Company’s efforts leads to higher levels than previous. But, complicated in the reality. Seniors executives play a vital role in identifying and propagating critical business processes. But, line managers and employees end with more carefulness inside these techniques to serve client needs. Writing process of constitution is inherently a centralized activity. In the entire population, a small group of frames makes the decision. it is possible for the constitution to define highly decentralized government. Throughout the world the business process was centralized but in reality it was not. Frontline employees are playing a responsible role.
3. How do ERP systems support IT-enabled processes and help companies differentiate themselves competitively? Be specific (e.g. what features or characteristics of an ERP system make it possible)?
While it’s actual that the toolbox of corporate IT has extended an awesome arrangement lately, we accept that an excess of new innovations is not the central driver of the change in flow we’ve archived. Rather, our field examination proposes that organizations entered another time of expanded aggressiveness in the mid-1990s not on account of they had such a large number of IT advancements to browse but since some of these new innovations empowered enhancements to organizations’ working models and afterward made it conceivable to imitate those upgrades significantly more generally. To survive, or exceeding all expectations even further flourish, in this more focused environment, the mantra for any CEO ought to be, “Convey, advance, and spread”: First, send a predictable innovation stage. At that point separate yourself from the pack by thinking of better methods for working. At long last, utilize the stage to proliferate these business advancements broadly and dependably. In this respect, sending IT serves two different parts as an impetus for creative thoughts and as a motor for conveying them. Each of the three steps in the mantra presents distinctive and basic administration challenges, not minimum of which need to do with inquiries of centralization and independence.

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