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Essay: Computers in education

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1. A computer can think widely as it consist of memory that have electronic component to store instructions, collect data, processing and results information.
It contains processors and hardware’s that interpret and carries out basic instructions used to process data.
Computer has secondary intentionality imparted to programmes and users to enter data, process and produce information.
Its mental acts are powers of souls and it take two thoughts or ideas that seems very different and connect them together differently to result information to users.
Computer machines can be fully understood without any experience of implementing them or their resulting behaviour.
2. A computer should be briefly be aligned at lab room where a computer devices are connected together, communicates and transmission of media, in order to be reliable, speed and connected to the internet.
Lab room made up for academic institution, libraries and also designed to increase efficiency, security and effectiveness of computer labs.
It has abundant of space and may accommodate many people or users for education use, business use and finding valuable information.
Appropriately the lab room environment should be secured thoroughly and have higher degree of control.
Limitations of computer labs acquire minimum of hours to impact on users satisfactions.
Reduce and unable unauthorised users from the lab room.
3. Schools should provides teachers and students with an computers in order to communicate widely for personal use and communicate each other via blackboard for education use
Using for connection of social networking websites that enables registered members to share thoughts, ideas, interests, photos, music and videos.
To allows users to access web pages and find information related to specific topic
Using computers for note takings.
Computers at schools can help all students’ stays organised, remember school works and provision of higher levels of interactively between students, teachers and subject matter.
This would force students to conduct quick research and use creatively to find answers, rather than paging through textbooks.
Lots of people depends on the computer to do their work and research, so that they don’t fall behind technology advancement.
4. Grade 10-12
Learners should learn to type efficiently and usage of basic computer functions such as word processing, E-mail, and web browsing have an advantages over learners tat have no knowledge of computers.
To develop learning computer skill level.
Using computer can be the purpose of note taking.
Appropriately develops mind of a learner widely to technology advancement and skills.
Other learners who are much talented regarding to technology learning can abstract way forward to insert and improves a computer components to be much more speed and advancable.
Learners would have an advantages for technological literacy and be able to commit their valuable skills.
5. Mobile computers and devices make learning more efficiently and improve knowledge widely.
They encourage students for note taking, recording homework’s and putting a reminder for deadlines into their computers or searching the internet for information.
It ensures the development of digital literacy for our students just as the ability to use word processing, simple presentations and spread sheets.
Makes learning session abundant, student searching or finding information for addition of what lecturer providing and also makes session to be active and more cooperation of students.
While universities should have integrated mobile devices to support teaching and learning.
Education has changed to the better, mobile devices have been shown to be extremely beneficial to students I n learning environment to lead education towards successful.
Develops learning strength to students
Computer and mobile devices enables knowledge to be much wider, mind capacity grows and students would be able to be updated with more information for future use.
Cooperation between students and lecturer will be much appreciable, have courage and education quality.

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