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  • Educational Data Mining (EDM)
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Different researchers have defined the EDM in different ways. As stated by Campbell and Oblinger in [4], EDM is a combination of data mining and statistical techniques that assist faculty and advisor to detect the at-risk student so necessary remedial action can be taken to work accordingly. Instead of accessing the individual course, this type of analysis focuses on various activities occurring in universities, due to this, this kind of analysis is considered as academic analysis. There is a difference between EDM and academic analysis which lies in that EDM is a term that access only the educational data whereas academic analysis focus on educational institution effectiveness as well as makes strategy to reduce student retention. For the success of EDM, it is very important to have a wide range of meaningful data warehouse so the decision makers can use that data to take right and effective decision but it is very difficult to get meaningful data. EDM can also get idea from organizational data mining. The main objective of organizational data mining is to support various organizations to enhance their competitive advantages.
Most of the research in the field of EDM focuses on quantitative analysis this is necessary because data mining make use of many techniques based upon quantities like machine learning, artificial intelligence. EDM involves the uses from different educational backgrounds having their own vision and art to makes use of data mining methods in an effective way. For example, if EDM user is a student/learner then he may use data mining methods to acquire e-learning method to improve their learning skills. If EDM user is a teacher or any instructor then they must use data mining to detect their students learning performance and other skills so they can analyze that which student need more attention. In a same way, an organization or any university may uses data mining to determine that how the results of students can be improved along with taking care to reduce student retentions.
Many researchers all over the world are making their efforts in the field of EDM [1]; some of them are as follows-
1. Offline education focuses on face to face contact based knowledge and skills. Various kind of data like student behavior/performance, curriculum have been analyzed under the Psychometrics and statistical techniques and provide the best results.
2. E-learning and learning management system is an another important research area where online instructions are provided by E-learning and communication, collaboration, administration and reporting tools are provided by learning management system.

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