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Essay: Embedded Operating System based on multi core processor

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Now a day’s embedded multi core platforms are preferred for single processing, but development of such system is still very slow. In early time similar programming is further complicated as compare to sequential programming for average programming .Most of the times we prefer to use message passing interface is popular and efficient message passing system .It practically helps to run the portable application in many parallel machine. A multi core processor implements multi processing in a single physical package. Designer may design or join cores in multi core closely or lightly. There are some technical problem like size of library, Architecture issue and performance issues that resist implementing MPI system on embedded multi ‘core system to restore these issues designer design a light weight MPI like message passing library which consist of three layer modular designs. Top two of the layers are platform independent and the bottom layer enable platform ‘specific optimization. [10] Result show that message passing programming is more practicable solution for multi core signal processing application and may be supposed by sellers.
Operating system is embedded that is the kind of embedded operating system. [1] Embedded operating system is also called RTOS (Real Time Operating system). It is a system that is mostly used for that hardware which has minute computing power, small Ram / Rom and slow cups, so, they are very precise in their work and in opportunity. It means that they are design to perform some particular task and then efficiently. Embedded operating systems are also known as real-time operating systems (RTOS). Embedded operating systems is probably used for hardware that have very small computing power, little RAM/ROM and a slow CPU, and their applications and scope [2]. It was mostly used in many fields. The improved performance of the system mainly degree if parallelism and the computing unit and system programming model.
Vector’s MICROSAR OS Multi-Core:
Vector’s MICROSAR operating system multi core is capable and strong operating system for particular applications on multi core processors [3]. To make longer the established operating system family from vector and adapts to the AUTOSAR, it is used. It is resulted that the static configuration is solid and very firm kernel of MICRO SAR operating system multi core. With the help of this independent execution of application software on multiprocessor course for this purpose the OS sues synchronization methods and coordinated access to common resources. MICROSAR OS Multi-Core covers the proven operating system family from Vector and fit in to the AUTOSAR standard. The concept of static configuration results in a compact and very fast kernel of MICROSAR OS Multi-Core. The operating system services bring the interfaces known from AUTOSAR.
It is perfect for those processing which happens at the same time for automotive application on multi core processors. This includes the standardization of basic system function and platform variants and software upgrade and elevates over the vehicle’s lifetime are few key goals. Now software making are increasing speed of processors. That increases the processors performance.
Using multi core processors in embedded systems:
Real time systems with different functions are widely used, Digital home appliances, Car navigation system, and so on these systems require increasingly higher performance [4].
‘ In embedded system, must be minimize the usage of power to large the operating time of mobile device to realize more user friendly products.
‘ Multi core machinery has been introduced also for embedded processors.
‘ Multi core takes lead of parallel processing rather than collective frequency of clock-rate as the performance improvement.
Several embedded multi core processors had been researched separately, by some standards using Open MP, including the extension of Open MP in a few cases. A multi core processor is a computing component which can have two, four, six cores, eight cores, ten cores or more. Embedded computing operator different form main stream PCS. Programming developers find that modern language do not care multi core functionality. Then it requires to access code written in diverse languages.
Light-Weighed Virtualization Layer for Multi Core Processor-Based Embedded system:
Now, advanced systems are modern real time embedded operating system like smart phones. These are very expensive due to advance and complimented system, when they are introduced in a market and also have high efficiency.[5] For these devices, it is problem to develop one compact system having low latency and high output. In real time operating system, application software can use the control processing, which it is first benefit of this.
The second benefit of virtualization layer is that we can make it possible reuse existing one.
Third benefit is the separation of source code. This may solve various business issues when applying Linux in embedded system. Many programs, utilize and games available on Linux are freeware or open source.
The fourth benefit is the segregation of mutual exclusion between guest operating system. For developing real time system, yodaiken described that the priority inheritance mechanism are not favorable because of its high complexity. In short; yodaiken concluded that making critical sections fast and short is the essential contribution for real time responsiveness.
Direct access to I/O improves responsiveness:
Agreed this act hold back, for virtual machine supervision, the different techniques that is necessary to maintain the latest I/O hardware enhancements and give way maximum performance in the processing environment [6]. To address this problem, a Virtual Machine Manager assigns specific devices directly to the I/O tasks that control them. In this system, the VMM does not try too hard to equal the under lying machines entire I/O interface only those device that are shared. For example, as shown in the diagram, the VMM guaranty that the main operator displays is only available to the GPOS (General purpose operating system), in this case Windows [7].
It must be partial to RTOS (Real -Time Operating System)access to reply ‘ serious harware that control the hardware, such as access to old I/O interfaces should be constrained to parallel legacy application software.
Future Work:
‘ Most multi core processors for embedded systems contain high-speed internal memories on the chip, and we will think about using these internal memories to accelerate synchronization [8]. Extension of Linux kernel is needed’
‘ The outcome of spinlock for synchronization under multiple parallel workloads should be examined. I will try to use the Intel’s dual-core ATOM policy for the measurement of the presentation and the power utilization in evaluation between the Linux Threads and NPTL.
‘ Parallel processing using Open MP is too complex to assure real-time constraint for embedded systems.[11] To apply Open MP to embedded systems, some extensions for Open MP commands will be required.
In embedded system some special purpose processes such as DSPs and communication processors. Make a way for generic CPU by adding various additional functions, taking out some huge out comes [9]. It is also cost’saving. By using advanced techniques in desktop world developers can attain benefits as they converge to common tools and platforms. The move to parallel processing is a true pattern Shift affecting both the project and embedded communities.

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