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Market occupancy
Mozilla is a non-profit organization and community dedicated to the mission of promoting innovation and opportunity online. Firefox OS offers two way to discover and use apps. An app search which is a new concept for smart phones that literally transforms our phone to match our interest in any moment.
After some month the Firefox market place opened with the first Firefox OS launch we can see momentum with thousands of apps submitted and available today like manana reading apps, senzari music graph and games like trippy tap .
Firefox OS gives developer payment option including operator billing .in order to create a simple library for integrating ads to apps and games esp. for Firefox OS .Firefox OS manages the playing field in the mobile industry and addresses issues like apps fragmentation and discoverability. only few minutes are required to port apps to Firefox OS ,so developers need not have to worry for making multiple operating system. Developers can create and distribute apps while people and their content did not get locked into devices or platform.
John Jackson, IDC Research Vice President said,’ the new markets of Firefox OS is expanding and contribute to web ecosystem benefits. When other third smart phones platforms continues to struggle for position ,scale and sustainability in the Competititve market Firefox will be entering in the second phase .Firefox OS continues to attract new apps and content partnership.’
Firefox marketplace includes all Firefox OS Smart-phones and a preview is available on Firefox for android, window and mac. Mozilla has introduced new WebAPIs in order to unlock the power of web and enable web to be the world largest marketplace.
First devices using Firefox Os was launch in Latin America in early 2013. the people using Firefox OS is comparatively very low then that of other OS Like Windows, Andriod etc. Only 662 users are found which are using Firefox OS system that is 0.02% of Overall users.
. Mozilla is avoiding these markets for now and has been selling cheap, low-end Firefox OS phones in more price-sensitive markets.
The first Firefox OS smartphone is named the ZTE Open, and it has been made available in places like Spain, Latin America, and India since July 2013. The ZTE Open sells for about $80 without a contract, as opposed to high-end phones like the iPhone 5s that sell for $649 without a contract. Firefox OS phones are just now being launched in other countries throughout Europe, but there are no plans to launch phones in North America yet.
Because Firefox OS is only available on such low-end devices and is so new, it’s unsurprising that it doesn’t offer an amazing experience. Just as cheap, low-end Android smartphones can be laggy and slow in real-world use, the ZTE Open also doesn’t offer particularly amazing performance according to reviewers. Mozilla seems to think it has an opening given Android’s poor performance on low-end phones, but Firefox OS also doesn’t seem to have amazing performance and Google is working hard on optimizing Android, most notably with the big memory requirement reduction in Android 4.4. It will be some time before Firefox OS matures and becomes more widely available on a variety of devices in more markets.
Theoretical analysis
Firefox is also a operating system used in mobiles just like android. As in the advancement of technology and curiosity of developers Firefox is able to compete with the other OS and new versions are releasing with their Gecko versions including security fixes as shows as below in the table.
Feature Complete (FC) date[45]
Code Complete (CC) date[46]
Release date[47]
Codename Gecko version[44]
Included security fixes[44]
1.0 December 22, 2012 February 21, 2013 TEF Gecko 18 Gecko 18
1.0.1 January 15, 2013 September 6, 2013 Shira Gecko 18 Gecko 20
1.1.0 March 29, 2013 October 9, 2013[48]
Leo Gecko 18+ (new APIs)
Gecko 23
1.1.1 HD Same as 1.1.0 with WVGA Gecko 23
1.2.0 September 15, 2013 December 9, 2013 Koi Gecko 26[49]
Gecko 26
1.3.0 January 31, 2014 March 17, 2014 Gecko 28 Gecko 28
1.4.0 April 29, 2014 June 9, 2014 August 8, 2014 Gecko 30 Gecko 30
2.0.0 July 21, 2014 September 1, 2014 Gecko 32 Gecko 32
2.1.0 October 13, 2014 November 21, 2014 Gecko 34 Gecko 34
The view of latest version of 2.0 of Firefox OS is shown as below :
Features :
‘ Users can copy/paste and select items.
‘ A new lock screen with a music player and scrollable notifications.
‘ Find my phone feature that will help you find your phone through GPS trackers and will emit a noise when near.
‘ Firefox Accounts Integration that will log you into everything with the help of just one login.
‘ Creating ringtones from music.
‘ Smarter typing input
‘ NFC technology that will help share data with other phones and devices
‘ Direct dialing within the call log
‘ A new camera app
Mozilla believes in web-based software on the open web, and wants to replace native applications with browser-based ones built on open standards. This is more and more the case on desktops and laptops, where people spend most of the time in their browser. Whether it’s checking email or watching videos, people probably do it in a web browser ‘ and there’s a good chance they’re using Firefox to do it.
However, smartphone and tablet users spend much of their time in native apps. These apps must be written specifically for each platform and are generally distributed in app stores. Apple, Google, and Microsoft all have their own ecosystems with their own apps that will only run on certain operating systems.
Mozilla wants to create a mobile operating system based on web standards, bringing first-class web apps to the mobile world and fighting back against the new trend towards proprietary ecosystems with their own incompatible apps.
Friendliness :
Firefox OS achieves this character very well .Good portion of Firefox OS code and contributions made by volunteers because of the Mozilla’s community nature which is a unique approach for a mobile OS which is generally possible in true open source communities.
Game changer:
Firefox OS is definitely a game changer. Firefox OS is definitely a game changer. Penetrating the market with a $25 smartphone could enable it to compete with the big boys Apple and Google. There is a lot yet to be improved in Firefox OS. There is a long way for Firefox OS to go, but with such a large and enthusiastic community involved, it will definitely make a lasting impact.

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