Essay: ICT in the banking sector

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  • ICT in the banking sector
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This chapter presents the methods and procedures used to discover, examine and estimate the impact of ICT on banking sector and payment system. The methodology specially explains the research model, research instruments, data collection process and the procedure for the data analysis.
Research design
The research design is the summarize or plan that is used to create answers to the research questions. It is the blue print for the collection, capacity and analysis of data. The method to be used in this research is a case study. This method helps in identifying who is responsible for these factors, what factors, where they are important and how can they be handled. Saunders, Lewis, and Thornhill (2007), state that case studies are used to answer the questions who, what, where and how. The method helps to establish the character of banks which may reduce or further the adoption and usage of ICTs. The research used both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Qualitative approach helps bring out the feelings of the respondents while quantitative research involves the measurement of quantifiable values. It helps in generating statistics. Both approaches were important in this study as they complement each other to allow the researcher have a comprehensive study. This design also makes it easy to come up with simplification of findings from a representative sample.
Banks in Mogadishu at were considered. This place was used due to convenience. This research adopted sampling, which according to Newman (2004) is a set of cases a researcher selects from a larger pool and simplify to the population. Using sampling in this way reduces cost and makes it possible to gather useful information quickly and where the samples are appropriately selected perfect result are definite. Due to the focus of this study, 20 questionnaires were administered to 10 customers in four different branches of the bank
Self managed questionnaires were used to collect qualitative and quantitative data. This method was used as most respondents are able to write and read in English with less or no difficulties.
The researched used the structured technique in order to get the appropriate information needed to meet the objectives of this study. This method uses the structured questionnaire. The questionnaire was the main research instrument used in collecting the data for the learning in order to reach the specific objectives, and taking into consideration of the sample size.

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