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Digital media application, multimedia security, copyright protection are becoming important in today’s world as its distribution over network is increasing rapidly, indeed left a concern for the owner about their ownership protection. For the copyright protection of the digital applications, digital watermarking is introduced that enables to mark the digital image with undetectable secret information without affecting its perceptual quality known as watermark to cover the various digital data security such as copyright protection, access control and authentication for still images , video, multimedia products. This thesis presents a novel technique by using principal component analysis and discrete wavelet transform resulting into high imperceptibility where no noticeable difference is found between the watermarked video frame and original frame thereby increasing the performance of watermarking algorithm. The concept of key-dependent basis function is introduced, its applications are discussed to secure robust watermarking for copyright protection and to design a secure public black box watermark detectors. Thereby, it overcomes the possible security weakness of non-adaptive as well as global schemes that execute watermark patterns with a small number of publically known basis function. Projections of an image is embedded within the watermark onto the secret set of key-dependent functions (patterns). The robustness of the watermarking scheme with respect to filtering, loss compression and combinations of many other attacks is studied. Conclusively, we propose a candidate for a watermarking scheme that enables the construction of a secure public watermark detector.
Index Terms: Digital Watermarking, Principal Component Analysis, Discrete Wavelet Transform, Copyright Protection
A remarkable growth is seen in the use of digital video now a days including various applications which are involved in our day to day life like video-on-demand, digital television, video-conferencing, advertising, surveillance, entertainment and distance learning. Many user experience digital video when they watch a motion picture recorded on a digital videodisc (DVD) or downloaded over the internet. The digital video’s proliferation are encouraged into many more applications by improving the compression technology which results into better authoring and editing tools as well as more available bandwidth in digital communication networks and lower cost capture and display devices.
Digital representation offers many advantages for processing as well as distributing video and other types of information world wide. First, digital software programs offer unprecedented flexibility in presenting, creating manipulating and editing the digital information. Analog devices lack the flexibility, malleability and extensibility of processing of the software. Second, digital data is allowed to be distributed and disseminated on a wide scale through digital communication network like internet. On some of these networks, existing open and proprietary protocols such as the World Wide Web allow any user to easily and inexpensively exchange, provide, find and obtain the digital information. Lastly digital information can be processed, and in particular, copied without introducing loss, degradation, or noise. For example, an unlimited number of perfect copies can be produced from a single digital video signal. In contrast, the addition of noise into a copy from analog signal processing is unavoidable.…

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