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  • Real Time Streaming Protocol
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The RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) is a network control protocol to control streaming media servers. This protocol is mainly for use in communications and entertainment systems. The protocol helps to control and establish the media sessions between the end points. Clients of media can perform actions like play and pause. This will facilitate real time control of playback of media file from server. The transmission of streaming data is not only a task of the RTSP protocol. Most of the RTSP servers uses the Real time Transport Protocol (RTP) in with Real time Control Protocol (RTCP) for a better media streaming service.
Internet Group Management Protocol
IGMP operates between a local multicast router and the client’s computer and Internet Group Management protocol is implemented within a router and particular hosts. By observing the transactions IGMP will derive useful information. Then Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) is used between the remote multicast and local routers in order to direct the multicast traffic from a multicast server to multiple multicast clients. Just like ICMP the IGMP operations take place in the network layer. A host requests membership to a group through its local router. While a router listens for the requests and then periodically sends subscription queries.
Hyper Text Markup Language is an excellent markup language for web pages development. It provides a meaningful structural semantics for text such as paragraphs, lists, headings, links, quotes, paragraph, image and other items. It allows creating interactive forms by using different objects and images and objects. HTML is written in the form of HTML elements. HTML consisting of different “tags” surrounded with angler brackets. Example: the content will be here inside the tags. HTML5 is the latest release in HTML family released on October 2014 as a complete revision.
Cascading Style Sheets is a style sheet language. CSS is mainly used to describe the presentation semantics of documents written in a markup language. Currently CSS specifications are maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium. CSS’s application is to style web pages which are written in XHTML and HTML. CSS3 is the latest standard version released.CSS3 is backward compactable with all its assister releases. CSS3 is split in to different modules like Text effects, Animations, 2D/3D transformation, user interface, selectors, background and borders, multiple column layout, image values and replacement content etc.
CSS is primarily build to separation the document content from document presentation. It includes elements such as the colors, font and layout. This differentiation can help in improving content accessibility, enabling multiple pages to share format, provide more flexibility and control, and reduce complexity and allows table less web designing.
CSS provides a priority scheme in order to determine which style rules to apply if more than one rule matches for a particular element. This is called cascade, weights or priorities are calculated and assigned to rules.
Java Server Pages
Java Server Pages (JSP) technology enables you to create dynamic HTML page. We can simply write the regular HTML Web page using different building tools then we can enclose the JSP code for the dynamic parts in special tags which mostly start with <% and end with %> simpler than that for servlets. JSP is seen as an high level abstraction of servlets. To run a JSP page a web server is essential. Most commonly user web servers are Apache Tomcat and Jetty.JSP is build as an model 2 architecture. The good thing with JSP is that java code and certain pre defined actions can be embedded.
Java Script
JavaScript is scripting language mainly used for validation at the client side. That means no need to communicate with the server each and every time. It is a programming language object oriented and is integrated with HTML. JavaScript help the developer to make an interactive website with document windows, frames, forms, loaded documents and links without the need of any server intervention. It can also deal with user events so programs can be developed for such events. This is an interpretative language and source code files are directly executed at runtime. JavaScript supports methods, instances, and properties.
The two different variants of java script are AJAX and JQuery. AJAX is server-side scripting language and java script is a client-side scripting language. JQuery is simply a specific library of JavaScript code.
NetBeans IDE is one of the most popular modular developer tool. It is an IDE with a wide range of application development technologies like android, java, dynamic web pages, java swings, Ajax, CSS etc. The IDE includes an advanced editor, Profiler, Debugger, developer collaboration and tools for versioning control. In order to make development easier NetBeans IDE has given us skeleton applications in the form of templates. The IDE also provides sample projects and project templates that help us to create HTML5 applications, PHP applications, Java SE/ME/EE applications, NetBeans Platform applications and C/C++ applications. The Services window in the IDE gives access databases, web services, servers, and issue trackers. Thus we can start/stop servers and databases directly in the IDE. When working with databases we can add, modify and remove data directly from the IDE. When applications are deployed in a server, we can manage our deployed resources. It’s only possible because they are displayed in Servers node.

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