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Essay: Selecting a Linux VPS service

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In order for a business to sustain itself in the online marketplace, it has to balance the cost of hosting the web against the revenue created by the new customers. A business should select a web host service that is capable of coping with the demands of large influx of customers, while also remaining affordable in the long-term for it to maximise on ROI (return on investment). Most businesses are in the urge of growing and increasing their visitors and if they are using a shared web host service, they find themselves restricted.
Businesses that opt to use a dedicated server at the start of their operations often find themselves running at a loss since the overheads damages the profits of their projects. VPS (Virtual Private Server) acts as a substitute for the shared and dedicated server. A shared hosting plan has more restrictive nature while a dedicated server has many expenses. New enterprises that want to grow and succeed without investing in expenses should consider using VPS web hosting services since they offer reliability, scalability & sheer hardware power.
A VPS hosting has one hardware server which hosts several individual host accounts much like a shared hosting. Unlike a shared hosting, VPS runs every web hosting account separately using a complete independent OS (operating system). These features make the VPS more secure, having the options to restart or change it to suit the user’s requirements. VPS has a fixed volume of hardware resources at its disposal. VPS uses hypervisors (an array of various software solutions) to make and manage virtualization (technology that facilitates the possibilities of VPS hosting).
Performance of the accounts is dependent on the hypervisor that a certain web hosting is using. Some of the virtualization management software include: Parallels’ Virtuozzon, SolusVMn, Xenn and OpenVZN. Situations may arise when you need to check usage & access logs or do some option adjustments if you are carrying out day-to-day administration or using a managed VPS hosting. Hence a VPS web hosting should be user-friendly, easy-to-use control panel like InterWorx, cPanel or DirectAdmin.
A VPS hosting makes it easier to increase system resources such as hard disk space, RAM and processing power and hence as the business grows, a good VPS will flawlessly grow over time. Overselling which is an act of hosting many Virtual Private Server accounts on one hardware server is done by many VPS service providers to try to cut down their costs. This act of overselling causes most servers to buckle due to the pressure of stretching the system resources. Most of the VPS hosting providers work on the assumption that not all the VPS accounts will use all their resources simultaneously.
Linux VPS service providers do not oversell their accounts.
Since overselling is nearly impossible to detect, you should rely on the reputation of the firm you are working or dealing with. The best VPS host provider should be able to offer flexibility in all the areas of implementation.

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