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The DotNetNuke is actually a technical application whose evolution originally happened out of another project that is called as the IBuySpy Workshop. This application which is called the IBuySpy Workshop had been created by a person called Shaun Walker basically as a kind of enhancement to the portal of the application IBuySpy. This was actually commenced as a sample application for the .NET Framework. The previous versions of the DotNetNuke applications were actually released by the Walker’s company called as Perpetual Motion Inc. The latest development of this application is actually being done by the open source community.
The particular name DotNetNuke itself was coined by Walker. This was derived from merging the technical term .NET along with the word “nuke”. The second part of the word was actually being more popular in various kinds of pre-existing frameworks like PHP-Nuke and PostNuke. The terms DotNetNuke and DNN are basically registered trademarks in the countries like US and Canada.
Evolution and improvements in DotNetNuke
The application, DotNetNuke Development since its inception has gone down into several upgrades and changes:
1. In the month of September during the year 2006, there was a formation of the corporation for this project with four members as the project’s board of directors in order to oversee the project development. This new DotNetNuke Corporation was actually Co-founded by many people like Walker, Nik Kalyani, Joe Brinkman, and Scott Willhite, who thereby replaced the company Perpetual Motion Interactive Systems Inc who actually released the previous versions of these applications.
2. In the month of November during the year 2008 the DotNetNuke made some new announcements like Series A which will be financed from the group Sierra Ventures and another group August Capital.
3. It was during the period February 2009; Navin Nagiah was hired to be CEO of this corporation. Post this a Professional Edition version of the DotNetNuke application has been released for customers who uses the application either in their business or enterprise.
4. In the month of August during the year 2009, the DotNetNuke Corporation launched a partner program which is aimed at providing technical support to the companies that had been performing web design and development which build web sites using the DotNetNuke application. The Corporation also made an announcement that the acquisition of a company called Snow covered which is an online market for the elements of DotNetNuke applications like modules, services, skins, and related services and products.
5. In the year 2009 the Open Source Share Report of CMS Market actually had concluded that the DotNetNuke Development application was the leading web content management system which is based on .NET.
6. In the year 2011 the statistical figures and analysis confirmed that the DotNetNuke application has been downloaded beyond 6 million numbers of times. It is now in its seventh edition in the web content management system market. The Version 4.0 or later version will definitely require the v2.0 or the latest version of ASP.NET Framework to be available. But still, the earlier versions will actually run on ASP.NET framework version 1.1.
7. In the year 2010 the DotNetNuke Corporation announced that a Series B financing from the Sierra Ventures group, August Capital group, and a Pelion Venture group of Partners.
The functional modules in the DotNetNuke application
The basic functionality of the DotNetNuke application can still be expanded by including the third-party modules. This can be done by adding modules from the existing module library, or through the in-house development of the custom functionality. The framework which is being used in the DotNetNuke Development application provides all kinds of basic level functionalities like user administration, security and content management. These modules are actually used to tailor the website for basic and specific needs like up gradation, deployment etc.
Administering the modules
The different modules provided can be uploaded and installation of a DotNetNuke applications of these are done automatically through the administration pages which is available in DotNetNuke. When a module is being added by the administrator, one will get to place them on any of the available pages on the website and provides custom access permissions that can be configured for it. The modules being used here either can be developed in development languages like or by C#.Net in .NET Framework.
Alternate CMS
Umbraco is another CMS which is gaining popularity. It is a free to use CMS which means that is an Open source. Other alternative Dotnet based CMS is Kentico, Mojoportal and orchard. Dotnetnuke stands first in Dotnet based CMS. WordPress stands first in terms of CMS, though it is a very powerful CMS and developed in PHP. It is a blogging platform and also being used for several different types of websites like shopping cart and other forms of complex websites.

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