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  • Use of technology
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In general, technology in the use of technology in solving big problems and individual innovation in order to reach a result, it is a way to discover the creations and help humanity to satisfy his needs and increase its capacity, as well as the use of thought in the use of information and skills to reach the desired result and obtained, and the acronym it means: Use scientific knowledge in the best way, produced and applied to serve the rights and well-being.
The We all know a tremendous amount of technological development, which is growing fantastically, well, everyone is dealing with concrete things facilitate the work of people such as operating systems, where they are dealing with easy icons will take you a few keystrokes to where you want it, whether signed or dossier would like to open and use,
In a few seconds and easily, but few of us wondering about how the technology or innovation, and is an essential part of the technology, as there has become an obsession in this world to keep pace with developments and innovations. If the question is how technology has affected the types of communication between people and the changes caused by the social life? What is the use of technology on the individual and community level does affect the behavior of the individual and society? What are the possibilities offered by technology and facilities to the community and how it helped the students in the study?
Help technology on creativity
The complex relationship between creativity and technology can be tools such as digital audio and video devices and computers involved in the creative processes a diverse range of ways. Show that the technology features such as jobs and the interaction of internal supply, capacity and range, speed and automatic functions allow students to do things that cannot or performance which cannot be implemented efficiently as they do using the technology.
Because computers allow students to make changes and experimenting with alternatives and monitoring the quality of work they are useful in the review, editing and creativity. This allows the internal interaction of computer users to receive feedback and provided through operations or other individuals. And working on technology to enable students to access large amounts of information that could not be imagined a few years ago. Because computers can perform operations easily and quickly, users can exploit their efforts in high-level operations in a big way, such as information analysis, interpretation and composition.
In the classroom, teachers can use technology to help students to exchange ideas and evaluate and make communication and cooperation, communication and creativity. However, you should remember that access to technology does not encourage creativity, but provide the environment in which the use of technology to accomplish goals in creative ways is the factor encouraging it.
The impact of technology types of communication between people and the changes caused by the social life that
The digital revolution has affected the human life cannot be overlooked and sometimes hard to keep up, has controlled the social, economic and cultural lifestyle and became economic development is linked to a large extent on the ability of states to keep pace with this rapid development.
Before addressing the importance of information technology should make it clear what this technology, although it is difficult to determine an appropriate definition of her, but that the majority had agreed it that blast huge knowledge of the vast amount of knowledge, and all types of technology used in the operation, transport and storage of information in electronic form and include the accounts mechanism and means of communication and networking connectivity technologies, fax machines and other equipment that is used heavily in communication.
These developments, which began in the last quarter of the twentieth century, which was characterized by speed and proliferation and the extended effects of the message to the means to the masses within the same community or between communities, which include three areas:
First, the information revolution.
Second: the communication revolution that began telecommunications, and ended with satellite and fiber optics.
Finally: a revolution of electronic accounts that mingled means of communication and merged with the Internet and the best example of this
The use of technology at the individual and community level
Since time immemorial, the world is a very wide place, difficult to navigate and communicate it, and the delivery of messages and information between the area and the other needs a long time could be extended in some cases for weeks and perhaps for many months -only to send a message now and in reality present, and after the era of modern technological renaissance, The world has become a right of a small village, and I totally disagree about the past, it is homing pigeons, horses and camels, to techniques (Smartphone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Wireless, WI MAX) that there is no longer room for dispensing them brief account of the most important means of communication techniques Modern:
1. smart phone (Smartphone)

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