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Virtual reality (VR) is not a new concept, attracted much attention in the past few years. A large amount of media interest is rapidly growing. Very few people, however, actually know that VR is that its basic principles and open problems. In this article, a historical overview of virtual reality are, basic terms and classes of VR in the list, and then the introduction of this technology in science, work, and recreation centers.
Virtual Reality, meaning a false environment, but it can make people feel just like real-world. Using a variety of hardware and software to manipulate human senses to receive messages, helping the brain construct a fact capable of creating bogus real Maya, which is produced using high-tech virtual world a temporal or spatial variable,People in Virtual Reality and interact with virtual items, characters, and other computer technology, the biggest difference is in interactive, that is, between humans and machine has a feedback effect. The success of a virtual reality system, needs to also have high fidelity, interactive and interesting to the user feeling.
In the early 1990s, development in the field of virtual reality has become much more stormy and the term virtual reality has become extremely popular. We can hear about virtual reality in all kinds of media, people use this term very often and they abuse in many cases also. The reason is that this new, promising and fascinating technology captures people’s best interests that for example, computer graphics. The consequence of this State is that nowadays the border between 3D computer graphics and virtual reality becomes blurred.
Virtual Reality will undoubtedly attract people’s interest in the last few years. As a new user interface paradigm offers great advantages in many applications. It provides an easy, powerful, intuitive method of human-computer interaction, the user can view and manipulate the artificial environment in the same way we do in the real world, without any need to learn how complex user interface works. Therefore, many applications, such as flight simulators, architectural guidance or data visualization systems have been developed relatively quickly.
Modeling of virtual reality provides the possibility to watch in real time and in real space, that of the modeled object would look like.For interior designers, who have their thumbnails. They can change the colors, textures, and position of objects, watching instantly as everything around is going to look like.
Virtual Reality has also applied successfully to the modeling of surfaces. The advantage of this technology is that the user can see and even feel the surface shaped under his/her fingers. Although these works are pure laboratory experiments, it is to believe that large applications are possible in the industry for example, by the construction or improvement of forms of car or body of the aircraft directly in the virtual wind tunnel!

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