Essay: WAN link connection between sites using VDLS modem

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  • WAN link connection between sites using VDLS modem
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Growing up a business having the vision of going international at one location is not enough. Having enough human resources, capital, many companies likewise this national firm of insurance brokers prefers to expand their operation to different offices to attract customers from several regional and even globally as well.
With two branches in Birmingham and Newport the need has come for the Local Area Network at Pole be extended to these sites respectively in order to allow communication and sharing of information easily and instantaneously with the prime goal of business expansion.
How the company can employ the VDSL modem that they already have to create a reliable network between the sites ‘ not forgetting to give information on any additional software/hardware needs.
This insurance company wishes to expand their business operations to several geographical spans of which two are planned for currently; namely the Birmingham Branch and Newport Branch. The company’s headquarters at Pole has an already set-up LAN and VDSL (Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line) broadband modem available and desires to ensure business continuity at their new site making using of limited capital and resources at their expense.
Connecting the new branches from the head office would require a connection network be set-up making use of the VDSL broadband connection.
With respect to designing a reliable network between the two branches from the Head Quarters, it is very essential taking into consideration the current needs of the company. In addition, how best emerging technologies can support these needs within the company’s financial auspices should not be undermined. The primary requirements of the company (Poole Head Quarters) are ascribed below;

  • Expanding business operations to two new branch sites situated in Birmingham and Newport. This demand extending network communication to branch sites making use of the VDSL (Very high bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) modem connection to outside world via BT infinity 1 connection in order to minimize cost of expansion.
  • Know-how about alternative connectivity besides the VDSL connection.
  • Awareness of physical and network threats that could harm the firm’s sensitive data and the security measures that needs to be deployed to safeguard data.

It is not plausible to interface machines over a nation, or as far and wide as possible, with physical links. Consequently, distinctive innovations have advanced to help this correspondence necessity. Progressively, the Internet is being utilized as a reasonable option to big business WANs. New advances are accessible to organizations to give security and protection for their Internet correspondences and exchanges. WANs utilized without anyone else’s input, or working together with the Internet, permit associations and people to meet their wide-zone correspondence needs.
In designing a reliable network between the sites it is very important to take into consideration the following high-level services requirements to optimize efficient day to day business operations.
The extension office base must give secure wired and remote LAN integration for an expanding number of IP gadgets, for example, PCs, phones, PDAs and the likes. For ideal Web administrations execution, limb business locales today join straightforwardly to the internet as opposed to backhauling traffic to home office. Internet access is also regularly mechanized to safely associate branch offices with central station and server farms through a VPN (Virtual Private Networks). Strong and solid network is moreover needed in both the headquarters and branch sites; for this reason centralized network management and administration capability should be basic. Branch offices typically lack IT-staffs to manage network, network equipment and software. Security is rudimentary to all limb LAN administrations; therefore access to systems and applications must be open and pervasive, yet stay secure and controlled. (From: pdf branch office connectivity).
The two branch sites can connect to the headquarters at Poole using VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology as their public WAN infrastructure. VPN is a virtual innovation. It can build a safe information transmission direct in an open network system. It grows the grounds private businesses to expand their operations at a lesser cost and secure transmission of data. (From: 07026256-vpn application).
The two types of VPN access can be employed to connect the Birmingham and Newport Branch to the Poole headquarters. The Birmingham LAN will connect to the headquarters LAN using the site-to-site VPNs. Each one site is outfitted with a VPN entryway, such as a switch, firewall, VPN concentrator, or security appliances. (connecting companions). The site-to-site VPN is more or less a cost-effective alternate to frame-relay, dedicated lines WANs that can connect branch offices and headquarters. All traffic flow via the VPN tunnel within the internet is encrypted using IPSec protocol. Authentication capabilities also increase the security features of VPNs.
On the other hand since the site at Newport is a grade 1 UK structure the remote-access VPNs can be implemented without any major modification to the site structure. Remote access is also flexible and cost-effective and helps create users experience that mimic working in the main office.

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