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  • iOS devices in healthcare
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Apple devices have seen an increased presence in the workplace. Industries such as construction, retail, finance, education, and others have brought iOS to the workplace. Apple’s operating software is being implemented for a variety of reasons, including (but not limited to) security and durability, and the overall user-friendly software. Like many industries, healthcare has introduced iPads and iPhones to hospitals and clinics around the world. In fact, a recent survey found that 62.5% of physicians use Apple products daily. Healthcare professionals are choosing Apple products for their professional lives, because they use Apple products in their personal lives. They are familiar with the way iOS operates, they trust Apple products.
So, why do healthcare organizations like iOS? Let’s take a look.

With their focus in mobility, iOS has quickly become the platform of choice in healthcare. Due to qualities such as intuitive, user-friendly interface, extensive availability of apps, and other built-in tools that empower all users to be more productive than ever, outside the constraints of the traditional desktop computer. iOS is the only platform that is designed for consumers and also embraced by businesses. iOS also meets the security standards for the healthcare industry, thus improving the patient experience.

Security meets industry standards

By law, healthcare organizations are required to meet certain privacy and security standards when it comes to protecting patient information. This is known as HIPAA in the United States (The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 196). If a healthcare organization wants to use any mobile device, certain security protocols need to be in place. As far as both employers and IT departments are concerned, Apple is the most secure platform while also being the easiest to manage. All of their products have a built-in mobile device management (MDM) framework that ensures these security settings are enforced.

Thanks to MDM, caregivers don’t have to spend valuable time manually setting up devices for patients. Once the patient checks out, the iPad can be remotely wiped to remove all patient data and reset to factory settings. This readies the device to be automatically set up for the next patient. With the Casper Suite (if that’s your MDM solution) iPads are configured, deployed, wiped and given to the next patient.

Patient experience is transformed

Once facilities are able to secure the devices, they can focus on why they invested in the technology in the first place: improving the patient experience. A good bedside experience should include secure access to education and entertainment for patients and easy accessibility to the device itself.

Downtime in a hospital can be long and boring. Providing patients with tablets is an effective way to combat boredom. With iPads, patients can access entertainment, education, assistance, communication and surveys right from their bed. The multi-faceted functionality of iPads makes it one of the most useful tools a hospital could implement to improve the patient experience.

While iPads may sound like a no-brainer, there is one common complaint from hospitals and patients: iPads can be tiring to hold — especially for recovering patients. If it’s being used to watch a movie, holding it for over two hours can be uncomfortable. An obvious solution for this problem is a tablet mount. However, traditional tablet mounts mount to walls, or use a rolling stand — both of which get in the way of nurses and take up valuable space in already cramped hospital rooms. Unlike traditional mounts, the Talon Tablet Mount puts iPads in the best place for patients — on the bed rail. With The Talon, tablets are within reach of patients and can be easily lowered with the bed rail if needed. It is lockable, durable, cleanable, and easy to use.

Thanks to Apple’s iOS devices, a wealth of health-related apps and the Talon Tablet Mount as your mounting solution, healthcare organizations can ensure devices meet security standards and enhance the patient experience.

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