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It was in the year of 1984 that Apple released the first affordable personal computer for the general public consumer called the Macintosh. From that day to this, Apple have grown from strength to strength. The operating system used by Macintosh personal computers and laptops has changed greatly since its infancy and is now what makes Apple one of the world leaders in Personal computer and laptop sales. For me personally I made the change from Personal computers that ran Windows operating systems to Mac operating systems in more recent times. I truly love the end user experience and convenience of usability that comes with MacOS and it is for this reason that the subject of MacOS has ignited my interest and steered me towards choosing this topic for my report.

Early days

The original operating that came on board the first Macintosh personal computer was called “Macintosh system software”. Nowadays we refer to this operating system as classic MacOS. It was partially based on Apples Lisa and Xerox Parc alto operating systems. There were nine major version releases of this classic MacOS which spanned from the first release in 1984 to the final release in 1999. (Wikipedia)

Some of the features such as finder and menu bar included in that first release are still used today in the most up to date versions of MacOS.

This original MacOS is credited with popularising the graphic user interface concept which is used by most machines today. To give us an idea of how we have come with regards to advances I will give some of the specs of the Apple Macbook Pro I am writing this report on at this very moment. The processor in this Machine is a 2.3Ghz intel core i7. It has four independent cores an a single silicon chip that can carry out numerous heavy duty tasks at the same time.

In comparison the first MacOS was compatible with the Motorola 68000 or Motorola 68K which is a 16/32 bit CISC microprocessor which implements a 32 bit instruction set, 32 bit registers, 32 bit internal bus but a 16 bit main ALU and 16 bit external bus. (

Over the years consumers’ needs changed along with the advances in computer science like the world wide web and the requirements for networking. People were buying computer for various different reasons such as domestic and commercial purposes. The original operating system that was released with the Macintosh computer had as mentioned been developed between 1984 and 1999 with nine various major releases. However there were big changes to come. These changes were sparked by the return of a man who was previously employed by Apple, a man who will be remembered in computer science circles and indeed history in general. This man was Steve Jobs. It would be wrong of me not to briefly discuss this man while speaking about anything Apple related so I will briefly discuss Steve Jobs in the next section.

A visionary

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple in 1976. They are known for their contribution to the computer tech industry and for success with the Apple 2 PC and for the massive breakthrough with the Apple Macintosh in 1984. All did not remain happy in Apple for Jobs and through a power struggle he left the company in 1985. He went on to found NeXt a computer platform development company and also had an involvement with Pixar Animation company. However Steve Jobs was back working with Apple when in 1997 Next merged with Apple. It was only a couple on months before Jobs was CEO of his once former company.

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