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  • Smart Arcade Car Spare Parts Company - car spare parts system
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This project is about a system which the customers buy car spare parts through online. This system design is going to be released make for Smart Arcade Company. So through this System Design the can be able to handle the placed order by the customers of Smart Arcade Company, which will not results in delays, misplacement of customer orders, customer service issues which ultimately leads to loss of potential customers
So in this project I have included the entire requirement needed to propose a systems design that will help overcome limitations with the existing system. And also I have assembled all the evidence from the customers and from the owner and employees of the Smart Arcade Company that is related make a System Design. This project contains the feasibility report which is needed to do a proper project and SRS (software requirement specification). Here I have explained all the materials which I have studied in the system analysing module and this will be a well modified System Design and it will fulfil all the needs of the Smart Arcade Company as they wish.
Now a day most of the companies are using these types of paper based operations to make their records. As like that in this project I have planned to make a new system design with all the needs to full fill the records of Smart Arcade Car Spare Parts Company.
I have full filled the Answers for the Questions under each task clearly. For the pointed small questions under the main question in each task I have full filled the answers combining the pointed small questions together.
Executive summary
This module is dependent upon “Managements of Projects”. Through this module the specialized and individual abilities of the understudies are enhanced limitlessly. While different aptitudes, for example, initiative, administration and correspondence is progressed. Since this module comprise of both the hypothetical and functional knowledge of an undertaking, it is exceptionally supportive in enhancing abilities and learning. At the outset of these archive two undertakings from the history has been picked. One being fruitful activities other being a fizzled one. Both of these ventures have been basically assessed to why it fizzled or succeeded. At that point on the second undertaking of this chore an association has been choses and the SWOT examination has been led. Through the SWOT dissection two potential IT anticipates have been distinguished. Fiscal evaluations and non-money related examinations have been directed to choose best extend from the two. In the following undertaking the task administration procedure assemblies have been talked about alongside the apparatuses and methods suitable for each one methodology aggregation to guarantee that the project is a victory.
In this assignment the requirement is to collect information or requirement to implement a System Design to record customers ordering placements in Car Spare Parts for Smart Arcade Car Spare Parts Company that are currently using a manual system. This allows the company to record customers ordering placements to sell car spare parts to the customers. Nowadays in some of the companies in the World use this type of systems to sell their products throughout the country.
There are five tasks in this assignment to be done. In the first task of this assignment I have explained about stages of software requirement specification such as feasibility study and requirement gathering, design, coding, testing, maintaining and many other sub areas of the SDLC stages and also I have planned a model for the proposed system and I have mention about the advantages gain by proposing the planned model to the proposed system and I have added some attractive images too. The Second task of this assignment is to create a feasibility study report, system functionalities such as sending email for the customer regarding registration payment and many other payments and also I have explained about different feasibility criteria such as time, cost, and scope feasibility. The third task of the assignment is to create a software requirement specification for the proposed system to this task I have about hardware requirement, software requirement, functional and non-functional requirement, purpose and I have given a conclusion to it. . Next task in this assignment is a designing part here I have drawn four diagrams such as the ER diagram, Context Diagram, Level 0 DFD and level 1 DFD for the proposed system. In the Final task of this assignment about the quality management and I have Evaluate how user and systems requirements have been addressed with reference to the SRS developed.
When doing this project I had to search details from the internet. I had to search some of the car spare parts ordering websites to get an idea on what I have to do. Finally by seen these websites I got perfect idea on how to do it. In this project I’ve explained everything in a simple way.
Task 1 — Requirements analysis and selection of a SDLC model
SDLC (Software Development Life cycle) is the process of developing software through few steps. SDLC has number of phases such as Feasibility study and requirement gathering, designing, construction; testing and maintaining through these phases the product go forward and ends up with a developed product without an error.
There are different types of SDLC models such as,
 Waterfall model
 Incremental model
 Prototype model
 Spiral model
 V — shaped model
SDLC models can be divided into three methods such as,
ï,§ Iterative
ï,§ Sequential
ï,§ Progressive
1.1.1Feasibility Study
In this step they give a high level view to the intend project and terminates its targets. By investigating on feasibility criteria the software developer or a leader of the project will get a very good plan for the further phases without wasting time, money and other resources. Feasibility study is basically derives into three sections and those are:-
1.1.2 Time feasibility
We can check that the given time to complete the project is enough or not. So in time feasibility it is verify whether the given period is sufficient to complete the project. If the given time is sufficient then the time feasibility is achieved.
E.g. — If customer wants to finish the project in two years and you need to check that can you complete the project within the given time duration.
1.1.3 Cost feasibility
Lots of money spends to develop software. Cost feasibility is making analysis on the cost spend for the project. So the project holders must decide the correct budget for the project. Otherwise there will not enough money to complete the project.
1.1.4 Scope feasibility
This is to ensure that the given cost to complete the project is enough or not. Customer request many requirements such as system should send email or SMS messages to the customer of the website as soon as they registered and upload pictures. So, in scope feasibility it is verified whether they can fulfil the need of the customer or not. If the development team verified that the above requirement of the customer can be successes then the scope feasibility is achieved.
If the development team can develop and submit the software within the given time and using the given budget with the customer requirements they can take the project. The document that make after the feasibility study is called Feasibility report.
1.2 Requirement gathering
The requirement phase translates the needs of the client into a formal document. Bringing the client and the supplier to an agreement on what the product will provide. The following are the requirement gathering technics that are available:-
 Research and site visits
 Observation
 Questionnaire
 Interviews
1.2.1 Research and site visits
Going through several researches, Research guides and visits the required web sites to gather information.
1.2.2 Observation
System analyst either participates in or watches a person perform activities to learn about the system.
1.2.3 Questionnaire
Questionnaire means a special resolve document that allows the specialist to collect information’s and opinion from responders.
Free format questionnaire
A questionnaire designed to offer the respondent greater latitude in the answer. A question is asked and the respond records the answer in the space provided after question.
Fixed format questionnaire
A questionnaire containing questions that are required choosing an answer from pre-defined offered responses.
1.3 Interviews
Unstructured interviews — An interview that is conducted with only a general gall or subject in mind and with few specific questions.
Structured interviews — An interview in which the interviewer has a specific set of questions to ask of the interviewer.
Open ended question — A question that allows the interviewee to respond in any way that seems appropriate.
Close ended question — A question that restricts answers to either specific choices or direct responses.
1.4 Designing
The designing process begins when the requirement document for the software to be developed is available. The design project for software system has two levels and those are:-
I. System design
II. Detail design
There are 2 specification of designing as,
 Logical designing
 Physical designing
There are different methods of designing which are different from each other.
1) Entity relationship diagram
2) Data flow diagram
3) Flow chart
4) Structure chart
5) Unified modelling language (UML) diagram
The information that should be included in the designing document is:-
ï,§ Principle data
ï,§ Function algorithms
ï,§ Basic programs
ï,§ Project specific information
The output of the designing process is “Designing report”
1.5 Coding
Coding is one of the most important stage in SDLC because real code of the software are create or written here. If the designing stage is done correctly a good coding can be produced by the developers. In these coding stage different programming language are used.
Example of programming languages are:-
• C++
Different programming languages are used to do the coding according to the need of the project.
1.6 Testing
After the designing process the next step of SDLC is testing. Software testing verifies that the software meets the requirements. It involves the operation of a system or application under control conditions and evaluating the result. After coding was done the entire module or units are combined together and check for error using proper tools. Why error happens,
• Less time to complete the project
• Missed contact
• Programming error during coding phase
• Changing of customer need
The output of the testing procedure is “Test log” There are various kinds of testing techniques. Those are below.
Testing techniques:-
 Integration testing
 Integration incremental testing
 System testing
 Regression testing
 Acceptance testing
 Black box testing
 White box testing
 Unit testing
1.6.1 Integration testing
Integration testing is a software development activity which program units are compound and proved as groups in many ways. In this context, a unit is defined as the smallest testable part of an application. Integration testing can elicit problems inter program components before risk be happens in real world program execution.
1.6.2 Unit Testing
Unit testing is a stage of the software testing process where individual units of a software or system are tested. The reason is to corroborate that each unit of the software performs as designed.
1.6.3 Regression testing
The choosy retesting of a software system that has been customized to make sure that any errors have been fixed and that no other before working functions have failed as a result of the compensation and that recently added features have not created problems with previous versions of the software. This also referred as “Verification testing”.
1.6.4 Integration incremental testing
Integration incremental testing is a testing which first you test each unit of the software individually then continue testing by adding another unit to it then another. Its proper definition is “integration testing strategy in which you test subsystems in isolation, and then continue testing as you integrate more and more subsystems”.
1.6.5 Acceptance testing
An efficient test performed on a product before it is put on the market or delivered to the customer. The acceptance testing process is planned to replicate the aspired real life use of the product to make sure that what the customer receives is completely functional and meets their needs and expectations.
1.6.6 System testing
System testing is a step of the software testing process where complete, integrated software is tested. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the system’s compliance with the illustrated requirement.
1.6.7 Black box testing Black box testing is done by the system testers or quality assurance programmers. They test the quality of the software or the system before implement it. This is also known as behavioural testing. These testing can be functional or non-functional, however usually it is functional.
1.6.8 White box testing
White box testing is done by programmers. Through this test they test for the syntax error. The tester chooses inputs to exercise paths through the code and decides the suitable outputs. Programming knows how and the implementation knowledge is necessary. White box testing is beyond the user interface and into the reality of a system.
1.7 Maintenance
In maintenance stage you are basically maintaining the system that you have implemented. In this stage it changes, correction, addition, moves to a different computing platform and more. Typical function performs of maintenance part are:
o Identification and correction of previously existing errors, falls or failures which we undetected during both initial development and test.
o Modification to improve system performances without adding new performance capabilities.
E. g.:- Changes to account for system hardware enhancement
Importance of SDLC to the proposed system
With give the touch of SDLC to the proposed system the lots of people can achieve lots of things. Inside of those people there are designers, programmers, Developers and so on. This important because it helps with the validation, training and user ownership in the design phase of the project. And also it gives a web developer or programmer a plan to follow. By following the SDLC, the developer’s software will be more successful.
Task 2 — Developing a feasibility report
What is feasibility report?
The resolve of a feasibility study is to consider the task requirements and to determine whether it’s do anything. Request a useful and what to continue to see that, in a process that should last several tests. Each application must be made by SDLC. We cannot do anything without a plan. Developers often use to project feasibility studies. Feasibility study to be sure that we always have the problem that the customer should be accepted using the four main phases of a project is possible to measure. Feasibility uses four main phases to measure a proposal.
The feasibility study see the possibility of designing the project with an important on categorizing the problem and try to answer to a main question such as can we carry on the project or not by checking the budget, time and customer requirements for this Company. So by having a good feasibility study it will help us to have a successful project. Feasibility study is an initial study of a project that helps the developer of the project to check whether to continue the project or not before spend time and money. It also help to analyse the amount of money needed to each phase and the time needed to each phase. So, feasibility study makes the project proceed successful and also help to understand the contests such as what the user in the market really need from the website. Feasibility study help to examine the tools needed to carry on a successful project. Feasibility study examines weather the time period required to complete the project is enough or not.
Purpose of feasibility report
The purpose of the feasibility study is to make a rough plan to the full project initially and examine possible alternative answer to a difficulty and suggest on the best alternative before the programme begins without any wastage of money and time. The feasibility study analysis on the main feasibility criteria such as time, cost and scope feasibility and the result gain by this verify or make decision to progress with the product to the customer on time because work is done to a schedule. The structure of the project is well defined. Danger and the advantages of the project are also defined. So, feasibility report is needed to continue the project without any problem project or not. So, in this report the amount of the money required to total project is verified so there will be no problem in shortage of budget at the middle of the project or at the end and making the project failure. The time required to the each phase is planned so, there will be no problem occurs in submitting the
Justification for the proposed system
After conducting the feasibility for the Smart Arcade Company I’m hoping to complete the project within six months period of time and we are hoping to give some important details to the company to use within five month period of time roughly. We are hoping to have about five employees with a team leader. The details of the new orders placed by the customers which are uploaded by the administrator will be not shown to the viewers as it passes the correct available date of the company uploaded by the administrator.
Feasibility study
1 .Time feasibility
2. Cost feasibility
In this section we identify the financial cost and benefits according to develop the system. Therefore from Economical feasibility we can decide whether the new system is useful to implement. In this section we have to show the benefits that we can earn from the proposed system. The estimated value is RS.160, 000 for 6 months. I will try my best to give the company a good service.
3. Scope feasibility
In feasibility study the scope feasibility was one of the important studies to be done at the beginning of the development process to carry on a project without failure. In scope feasibility expert verify whether they can achieve the company requirements.
The functioned that will be required by the customers are such as,
ï,§ details to the customer
ï,§ report of buying customers and the selling report of the company
ï,§ Easy and quick search engine
4. Technical feasibility
The technical features required to implement the product are mention in the technical feasibility. I’m using the latest technology using latest version of Visual Studio 2015. The technical feasibility is to make sure that the project feasibility within the limits of current technology.
With going through this complete feasibility report the development team will be able to get a clear idea about the requirements to implement a software to a get details of Customers ordering placements and its criteria such as time, cost, operational, technical and scope feasibility. So if someone read this carefully that person can get what are the importance of having feasibility report and what is the including of the feasibility report.
Task 3 — Developing a Systems Requirements Specification (SRS)
The current system of Smart Arcade Company was a manual system. They are storing all the required files in papers and it make then many difficulties. Due to extensive spread use of software’s all around the world people can do their day to day activities very easily. Due to this inclusive spread use of software’s it also made business organization to do their transaction and other activities very easily. Because of this most of the business organization and people do their business by using system designs, so they can get more customer base and also they can make their organization humongous.
This software requirement specification explains the exterior necessity of software of Smart Arcade that indented to sell Spare Parts easily by having a report in this kind of a system. To identify the exterior necessity of the system the experts conduct various observation and interview with the employees and they identify the requirement. After gathering the requirement they convert the thoughts of the customer into a document called software requirement specification.
The purpose of this system design of Smart Arcade Car Spare Parts Company is to decrease the workload of the company and to increase the customer base of the company. So, through this System Design the customer of the Smart Arcade Car Spare Parts Company can get a very good idea about the company.
This system design produced to Smart Arcade Company that had planned to sell Spare Parts and their employees work easily. This system design will provide a safe registration procedure for the customers who need to become registered customers to buy Spare Parts. This software will also provide a good profile reflexion service for the company.
Overall description
This is a system design for Smart Arcade Car Spare Parts Company. This software will be more user friendly, easily learn. All the employees of the company will be able to see the details about the placed order of the customers and other details. This product keeps all the details in the databank. So, the information can be disciplined whenever it is required. All the validation of the products will be done during accessing the information by the employee of the company. So any employee cannot enter any invalid into the product which can obstruct the product.
Hardware requirement
 Server computer is required to serve all the client computers.
 Optical mouse —
 Laser technology is used to notice the movement of the cursor in the screen of the optical mouse. Optical mouse responses much faster than mechanical mouse.
 Keyboard —
 Keyboard is one of the primary input devices, which is used to type or enter data and information into the computer. Keyboard is also used to command for certain activity or works. Using keyboard we can input alphabet, numbers, punctuation etc…………to the computer. Keyboard is faster than a pointing device to enter data or give instruction to the computer. Multi-media keyboard responses faster than a normal keyboard because shortcut keys are there in Multi-media keyboard.
 LCD monitors —
 Monitor is one of the most important output devices. This is used to show information and programme on the computer. There are different types of monitors which are improved over years. Monitors such as cathode ray tube (CRT), Liquid crystal display (LCD) and light emitting diode (LED).
Advantages of Light Emitting Diode (LED monitors)
• Smaller in size
• Lower energy consumption
• Weight is lighter
Software requirement
ï,§ Adobe Photoshop is needed for editing images
ï,§ Microsoft SQL server 2014
ï,§ Language used is ASP.Net
ï,§ Windows 7
Functional requirements
This is a database storing system design for Smart Arcade Company. The viewers of the Software either Administrator or Non Administrator employee they can view the Software. But if they need full information with the customer they had to be the Administrator of the Computer. If they are the Administrator to the Computer the payments of the Customers and other details can be edited. Both Administrator and Non Administrator can view the Software and search for the Spare Parts too by typing the name and the Spare Part on the search bar.
Non-functional requirements
Without the Administrator of the Computer, No any changes can be done in the database. Even though the Administrator wanted to edit there will be a passphrase should be entered.
The system design will be available every time and this system design will supply whole functionality whenever it use by the administrator of the Computer. If any interruption in the application it will not diminish the data.
This Software segment will be reuse for current version of this software and as for further version of the software.
In this report of Smart Arcade are intended to save the database of the Company by converting their system from manual to an Software system so, this report will be useful and help the reader of the report to understand what are the necessity are gathered during the requirement phase and what type of desires are requested by the employee of the software from the developer especially the requirement that are requested for the Company.
Task 4 — Use of Methodology
1. DFD (Data Flow diagram)
DFD derive in to several sections
I. Context diagram
II. Level 0 DFD
III. Level 1 DFD
IV. Level 2 DFD……you can go up to any number
2. Symbols we use in DFD
I. Process — these are representing by large rectangle boxes. It accept some impact change it in some way and output in to somewhere the process is done.
II. External entity — These are represented by ovals. These are the things that are outside the system but that communicate with it. When an external entity occurs twice in the diagram the second one has a slash in the top left hand corner. It confirms that these are the same entity drawn twice.
III. Data store — This is the place where the data is held for use at some future time
“D” represent computer Data store
“M” represent Manual data store
“I” represent temporally Data store
IV. Data flows — Represented by arrows and each data flow are unidirectional. That is they cannot have arrow head in both ways.
1. I. Context diagram
2.1 1.2 6.2 6.1 5.2
2.2 5.1
3.1 4.1 4.2
1.1 Request the Spare Parts information.
1.2 Get the Spare Parts information
2.1 Request the payment information. 2.2 Get the payments information.
3.1 request the suppliers’ information. 3.2 get the suppliers information.
1.1 Provide the due payments.
1.2 Get feedback.
5.1 request the salary information. 5.2 get the salary information.
1.1 Request the annual report.
1.2 1.2 Get the annual report.
II. Level 0 DFD Diagram
1.1 Request the Smart Arcade info. 2.1 Request the payments info.
1.2 Send data 2.2 Send data
1.3 Retrieve 2.3 Retrieve
1.4 Get the Smart Arcade info 2.4 Get the payments info.
3.1 Request the Spare Parts info.
3.2 Send data
3.3 Retrieve
3.4 Get the Spare Parts info.
4.1 Request the due payments info. 4.2 Send data 4.3 Retrieve 4.4 Get the data
5.1 Request the suppliers’ info. 5.2 send data 5.3 Retrieve 5.4 Get the suppliers info.
6.1 Request the delivery info. 6.2 Send data 6.3 Retrieve 6.4 Get the delivery info.
7.1 Request the Spare Parts stock details 8.1 Request the annual report details 7.2 Send data 8.2 Send data 7.3 Retrieve 8.3 Retrieve 7.4 Get the stock details 8.4 Get the annual report details
III. Level 1DFD Diagram
1.1 Request the Old Spare Parts info. 1.2 Send data 1.3 Retrieve 1.4 Get the Old Spare Parts info.
2.1 Request the New Spare Parts info. 2.2 Send data 2.3 Retrieve 2.4 Get the new books info.
3.1 Request the cash payments info. 4.1 Request the cheque payments info. 3.2 Send data 4.2 Send data 3.3 Retrieve 4.3 Retrieve 3.4 Get the data 4.4 Get the data
5.1 Request the credit card payments info. 5.2 Send data 5.3 Retrieve 5.4 Get the data
6.1 Request the cash payments info. 7.1 Request the cheque payments info. 6.2 Send data 7.2 Send data 6.3 Retrieve 7.3 Retrieve 6.4 Get the data 7.4 Get the data
8.1 Request the credit card payments info. 8.2 Send data 8.3 Retrieve 8.4 Get the data
9.1 Request the post-delivery info. 9.2 Send data 9.3 Retrieve 9.4 Get the post-delivery info.
10.1 Request the home-delivery info. 10.2 Send data 10.3 Retrieve 10.4 Get the home-delivery info.
11.1 Request the Old Spare Parts stock details 12.1 Request New Spare Parts stock details 11.2 Send data 12.2 Send data 11.3 Retrieve 12.3 Retrieve 11.4 Get the Old Spare Parts stock details 12.4 Get the New Spare Parts stock details
13.1 Request the monthly report details 14.1 Request the annual report details 13.2 Send data 14.2 Send data 13.3 Retrieve 14.3 Retrieve 13.4 Get the monthly report details 14.4 Get the annual report details
IV. Entity Relationship Diagram
Task 5 – Quality Management
Quality management is the process of ensuring that the company meets the customer’s expectations by providing them with goods and services that are consistent. In a manufacturing company this can entail providing goods that have little or no defects and in the service sector it may mean providing services that will enhance customer loyalty and hence customer retention. Quality management is a method for ensuring that all the activities necessary to design, develop and implement a product or service are effective and efficient with respect to the system and its performance, therefore uses quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality. It is related to improving quality of goods and services in order to satisfy the customers’ ever changing needs.
Evaluate how user and systems requirements have been addressed
As mentioned in the 3rd Task of SRS the Quality of this Software will be long last without any bugs as because the software’s used to make this software is High Graded once. This won’t Crash the program in anytime in case if it happened, whenever they update their files there will be an Auto Backup to the Hard Drive. The process for the all defects will be done as follows;
Check sheets and Process Instructions
• Access process instructions and author check sheets directly from the control panel
• Fully combined with and driven from the Control Plans module
Control Plans
• Help ensure compliance with quality standards by creating and managing powerful and helpful, detailed process control plans with detailed inspection instructions and check sheets
• Specify sample frequency, control chart types and other quality-oriented data
• View and carry out control plan instructions and check sheets directly from the Control Panel and other interfaces
• Highly mixed with product specifications Is often a necessary element for quality standard compliance

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