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1) Bidder:

Bidder can be termed as prospective buyer interested in the listed item and bids for an auction. A bidder obtains the price quote from auctioneer.

A bidder submits a bid to the Auctioneer

2) Seller:

Seller who has the listed the item for auction

3) Auctioneer:

The Auctioneer sets up the auction and advertises it

4) Bidding Agent:

Software Bidding Agents bid on behalf of human bidder. It removes the need for a bidder to constantly monitor the auction.

Bidding Agent can do perform following actions:

• Login

• Request Price

• Minimum Increment

• Time Remaining

• Submit Bid

• Log off

The bidding agent interacts via application programming interface with the Auctioneer

5) Certifying Authorities:

It is important for the seller to provide the certification that can be used to determine the authenticity of the items being sold. It is inevitable for the transactions concerning valuable items

6) Search Bidding History:

A bidder can request for a price quote from the Auctioneer. The price quote contains the bid information of the current highest bid. An auction’s bid history is a list of all bids that have been submitted.

• Starting price – It is the minimum price at which the bidding must proceed

• Reserve price – It is the minimum price the seller of the item require. If the final price is below the reserve, the auction result is void

• Minimum bid increment – It is the minimum amount required to outbid the current highest offer.

7) Log/Authentication:

After registering, a user can log in using a password. At login a user enters the secure web pages which contains operations that only a registered user can perform.

8) Access Control Service:

Bidders can search for a listed auction. On successful selection of an auction, bidders can obtain description of the item and related information like price quote, minimum increment and time remaining. The bidder can then use this information to submit a new bid.

After submitting a bid, a bidder can return to the home page, search for a new auction or return to the current auction.

9) Payment Service:

• Once a winning bidder clicks on PayNow, A payment service will initiate transactions accepting electronic payments by a variety of payment methods including credit card, direct debit, bank transfer, and real-time bank transfer based on online banking using various gateways like PayPal, Via, MasterCard, Bitcoin etc.

• Email receipt sent to buyer and notice to seller

• Transaction settlement/payment is the process of collecting payment from and delivering the goods to the winning bidder; and

10) Shipping Service:

• At the time of payment, winning bidders is connected to various shipping providers to address the needs of the buyers/sellers.

• Buyer can track the shipment using tracking number as well as select the shipping mode like Express Delivery, Overnight Delivery etc.

11) Registration Service

To participate in the auction, bidders must first register with the Auctioneer;

12) Bidder-winner Notification Service

The Auctioneer determines the winner according to the auction rules;

Bidder/Winner Notification refers to the processes involved with informing a bidder with information other than the price quote. This is information specific to an individual such as confirmation of bid receipt or notifying the winner that they have won.

13) Data Persistence Service

All the bidders, sellers, bidding agent details are stored in database

It Maintains the history of transactions in the database for listed items on the site.

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