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Essay: Canada and its many Treaties

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  • Canada and its many Treaties
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Canada’s history is a very important thing to understand when you are in Canada. You will notice is a country that has been under ethnocentrism since colonial times. In this case, we have the first nation people who are the native people and the immigrant who came to trade with the native people. Until today the conflict on the territory which the native and the European people share is unclear as the treaties that were made at the time were not clear to the native people. Treaties are agreements that are made by two groups to make peace between them. In this case, it is between the first nation people and the Europeans settlements. Unceded land is a territory which is a large section of British Columbia, Montreal and other parts of Canada. It is the land that was neither acquired or surrendered to the crown. It is also known as the crown land. The territory belongs to the first nation people who agreed to share it with the Europeans but not to give it up to them. However, the efforts being done to bring the people together and come up with understanding on the unceded territory, the Canadian government has failed as agreed terms on the Royal Proclamation act of 1763.

Following that my opinion on the claim about the treaties that weren’t clear to the first nation is the government of Canada should compensate and amend or interpret it in a modern way. Solutions should not be from 200 years old ‘agreement’ between parties that they don’t exist anymore. However, The government needs to provide drastic measures so that the treaty rights are more clearly defined. This will help people from both parties to get a clear look of the treaty and a solution can be made thus helping both the aboriginal people and the government as well.

Another way of resolving the native issue is to inform and engage the public. People who are Interested should read the historical treaty documents between Canada’s aboriginal peoples and the Crown. They are written in impenetrable legal language. Those who are interested should also acquaint themselves with the text of the Indian Act. People should read and understand then reflect and also engage the MPs. We need to understand where the problem is and one way of doing that is to read about it. We should also come together as one and stop calling it a ‘native issue.’ Because we all share the land hence we should joint people in supporting them on what is threatening the land and waters that we all hare.

There has been a lot of push and pull both from the first nation and the government but no solution has come in place. Both parties try to make moves such as peaceful protest and legal and illegal moves no solution yet has been found. However, the most effective way to come up with a solution is as did earlier as history tells us, ‘negotiation’. Government officials should go to the aboriginal people themselves and stop sending chiefs to speak to the aboriginal people but do it themselves and negotiate calmly. On the other hand, the aboriginal should also remove their fate from choosing elders as the chief and try to choose an intelligent and an educated leader who will present them in a meaningful and modern way when they will be in a negotiation with Canada’s government.

At this point, Canadians should embrace equality and consider Canada alone nation with one law for all including the native people and nonnative. The government should come together with the aboriginal people and work for the coming generation. The government should stop assimilating the aboriginal student with the secular system and give them a chance to learn more about their culture. This can be done if the government will fund the aboriginal people to build schools that would teach their children about their culture and believes. This will provide equality as today we see the government funding more on the private and public schools. By doing this will ensure that there will be more equality for the next generation students in Canada.

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