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From 1950s to the 1980s, the domino theory is a notorious theory which spread from one country to another country. In other words, if the communist influence a country, then the neighboring countries would follow in domino effect. This theory was introduced by United State.
William Heinrich was an American industrial safety pioneer from the 1930s. He introduced a theorem known as ‘the axioms of industrial safety’. He is also a person who said that some accidents happen in an industry just not because the workers. The supervisors who always blamed the workers for any accidents without knowing the root cause. He actually encouraged employers to control hazards, not solely focus on worker behavior on his book.
There are five metaphorical dominoes labeled with accident causes, has been speculated by William Heinrich. They are Social Environment and Ancestry, Fault of Person, Unsafe Act or Mechanical or Physical Hazard (unsafe condition), Accident, and Injury.
He explains clearly for each of these dominoes and suggests to minimizes or eliminate their presence in the sequence. By removing one of the dominoes, basically the middle one or unsafe act ; the accident can be avoided.
Self-Regulation by Robert Lord
Self- regulation is offers a speculative commentary and reflective on the representation. It is concerned with future policy development and more importantly, its effective application at the work environment of worker interest and level of work in the development of approaches to regulating health and safety at work. Focus is on the nation of the organization OHSM and self-regulation and its implied involvement of workers.
In the shift from prescriptive to process regulation in occupational safety and health from the 1970s, we can see the widespread introduction of new sets of regulatory provisions into the regulatory mix already evident in advanced industrial societies. In the management, employers are required to the institute structures to manage the risk to the occupational health and safety of their workers.
Based on the stimulated by the recommendations of the Robens Report, subsequently enacted in the UK in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. They also found in the separate development of Nordic provisions in the same period. Emphasis in all these regulatory developments had moved gradually towards achieving self-reliance, self-regulation and increased responsibility on the part of the employer and worker.
The measures that implement these post-Robens approaches in the growing number of countries in which they have been adopted. Workers tend to specify the general duties of employers to provide a safe and healthy working environments. Demand can increase when the measure that the employee deliver to suitable level of risk management. Required through evidence of risk assessment and safety policies, auditing and safety plan. Arrangement are demand must allow the participant of their representative and workers and the constitutive processes that make up the approach to safety management and health that is required of the employers. There are many variation in the type and extend of detail of such arrangement.
Industrial Accidents
Accident is an unplanned and something that happen suddenly that we can control which can cause an injury. Occupational accident an event of accident that suddenly occur when worker do some job that will take risk in an accident. Example of industrial accident is worker’s finger was cut while working with machine.
Types of accident:
 According to length of recovery
Example: worker loses reminder of shifts or turn on which the accident has occurred
 According to the nature of injury
Example: –
– Fatal accident (dead on the spot)
– Temporary accident (gets injured but still can work)
– Permanent accident (the injury is worse and they need have to use wheelchair)
Category of accident:
 Minor accident – easily control, not reported to the higher manager
 Reportable accident – prevent the worker for working in period 48 hours
 Fatal accident – dead on the spot
 Accident due to dangerous occurrence – explosion of fire, explosion of container.
Causes of accident mostly from
 Human cause – can be classified personal factors
 Technical cause can be divide by two – Mechanical factors and environment factors

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