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Essay: Demographic change in Canada

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Over the past several decades, unbelievably swift demographic change has transformed Canada especially its largest cities. In countries like Europe, comparable change has resulted in riots and cultural tensions that have tarnished the concept of multiculturalism there. Unlike Canada these changes despite many challenges were accomplished by continuing to remain peaceful, positive and productive. Multiculturalism being part of the solution, yet not the problem. Multiculturalism being a description of many different types of religions, traditions and cultural influences plays a key role in Canadas upcoming as a country. Having said that, till this day Canada is one of the most multicultural societies in the world. With a population of 33 million, twenty percent are born in foreign countries. Holding a sizeable amount pf people Canada is home to over two hundred and fifty different ethnic groups. Moving forward, it’s fair to say that Canada is a country of acceptance and possibilities.
Carrying a variety of different ethnicities and religions over time, Canada is expected to continue growing as well with immigration. This brings many positive opportunities for both Canada and its society for many reasons. In 1971 Canada became the first country to in the world to hold a policy on multiculturalism. The reasoning behind this policy was to help integrate immigrants into the Canadian society. Other objectives were to help cultural groups retain their identity, help all cultural groups surpass cultural barriers and to promote exchange between all cultural groups within Canada alongside helping immigrants learn at least one the countries official languages. The multicultural policy has also played a huge role in the countries success in areas that relate to immigrants and minorities expressing a high level of pride to be Canadian as well with praising the freedom provided. Something to keep in mind that reflects multiculturalism strengthening the Canadian identity is that children of immigrants have greater educational outcomes in Canada than in other countries. Meaning, the future of this country is in good hands and is set out to be successful.
New comers and decedents are a part of Canadas past, present and will be our future. In the 1960’s Canadas immigrations policy was mainly designed to sustain the white European character of the population. As time delivered it was set out that the country required more people to expand and colonize. While building the Canadian Pacific Railways Chinese laborers were recruited to help complete these railways. Following this event prime minster Wilfrid Laurier had plans to recruit Eastern Europeans so Canada could develop both a greater population as well as creating greater agricultural potential. These were the initial stages that roughly led up to a vaster multicultural population. Omitting a few years down the line, it’s safe to say that providing and allowing past immigrants to settle helped strengthen and build this country. Multiculturalism legitimizes diversity in Canada and provides first, second and even third generation immigrants a sense of inclusion. The government and community based programs in Canada for immigrants and their families provide them with the support needed to perform as productive members of the society. Today Canada is ranked as one of the world’s foremost immigrant-receiving countries providing opportunities and new beginnings for those seeking refuge. Roughly about two hundred and fifty thousand people immigrate to Canada every year connecting the countries over all success on its ability to integrate newcomers/families. Permitting people to immigrate into Canada benefits the entire country in ways such as an in increase in the labor force which also produces a superior increase economically over time. Asides jobs and the economy Canadas is such a diverse country constructing it to be extremely rich in culture, providing a vast amount of ideas and opinions as well with lifestyles to explore. A nations financial and economic potential is preliminarily based on its people, and Canadas multiculturalism assist in being a valuable player in the global economy. Having said this, the economic advantages to a multicultural society is undeniable and rising. In addition, to the benefits in economic growth, the country’s human capital leads to both innovation and creativity within a country. This drives the country forward in areas like social and technological development as well.
Additionally, Canada is represented as an extremely diverse country for various reasons. For example, when you look at a city such as Toronto, Ontario it’s easy to say that multiculturalism lives everywhere. Beginning with the diverse types of foods you come across to the variation in races it almost seems as if you’re not even Toronto. The beauty of this is that you can find that certain areas are based on different cultures. On one end of the city you may find yourself touring through china town and just a couple of blocks away you may find yourself in little Italy. For the most part, a lot of communities enjoy surrounding themselves in areas where they can feel reminded of their homeland.
Another factor that comes into play is demographics. Partaking a large immigrant population helps lessen the effects of our current aging population. For instance, an aging population causes economic growth to decrease only causing taxes to rise also limiting certain public benefits such as healthcare and other services. Instead, an immigrant population opposes this.

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