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Essay: Legislative and executive powers in the US

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  • Legislative and executive powers in the US
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Both the House of Representatives and the President of the United States are

connected in a way that Congress can only run when it has a President and the President

can only do his/her own duties as long as the House of Representatives is there to correct

or accept the changes to any new laws. When searching for information about these two

powerful roles of legislation in our country, I kept coming across the saying “two shared

powers, but both different roles.” The President of the United States, whom soon may be

Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, have the abilities to be chief of the military, rule maker

or breaker of economic downfall or uprisings, and will be in deep relation with foreign

nations. With the help of the House of Representatives, they help keep the President

grounded, more saying they help him/her from becoming a dictator. So any law that

wants to be passed by the President, shall go through Congress in order to be passed.

As our White House has three equal parts of government in it, the main house that

makes up the most importance is The House of Representatives or also known as

Congress. It is the only branch in our government that can pass or change new or already

existing laws. Though there may be some regulations to the extent of Congress’ power,

they carry most of the say with the do’s and don’ts that occur, because like I stated, this

branch of government is pretty high up there in deciding what can and cannot occur, like

when to deem in necessary to break curtain rules in the safety of our country or when to

levy tax and tariffs to provide the essential funding that our country needs. If anything

goes wrong within congress, in meaning working against them or creating criminal acts,

they will be investigated by congress and could face imprisonment. Showing as Congress

holds the main power to declare war or not, this proves they are like the president when it

comes to holding high power, which is why its best these two work together.

It may seen that the President of the United States may not have an infinite

amount of power as everyone thought he did, but he is our sole care taker of the place we

get to call America, the place many immigrants and outsiders want to come to in order to

feel safe, free, and taken care of. Our President has many jobs and Congress being there

as a referee is just a roadblock, and even the constitution helps state that it’s a high

demanding job the exceed the expectations many Americans hold for him/her. The

President of the U.S is our chief of state, a man/woman who celebrates on every special

occasion and becomes a living, breathing superhero that holds a high honor in the eyes of

every American Citizen. The President is also our chief of staff that is in charge of our

armed forces, meaning he chooses where they go, when they go and makes sure these

admirals and chiefs receive every order. Amongst these presidential duties, the President

also speaks with foreign relations on every direction of the map, his duties are to make

sure were all in alliance and have each others backs, along with that is deciding our

population and economic futures, he decides pretty much every aspect.

Both these political powers are in the hands of the government but basically are

the only two that run it. The President and congress must work together to create laws

and make decisions to keep the best of faith in the American people and any future

success it may hold. Without these two branches, we wouldn’t have order and rules, it

would all just be a giant mess!


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