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Social contracts are used to denote an agreement within a state while dealing with the rights and responsibilities of the state and its citizens. All members within a society are assumed to agree to the terms of the contract, when they choose to stay in a society. The social contract theory has been debated for centuries now with politicians, philosophers, and social scientists, giving it different dimensions.
A social contract is necessary for an organized running of a state, without which the society we live in would become a free-for-all sort of society, with no controls. The one aspect of social contracts that is often criticized is that it has only natural rights and no “positive rights.” A positive right binds an individual in a society to obey certain rules, failing which he /she faces strict punishment.
Social contracts and the civil rights which come along with them are never permanent or fixed. Social contracts are interpreted differently in different countries of the world and are vary to changes from time to time. Whenever citizens feel that the contracts are bound to fail, the terms are renegotiated using methods like elections, debates, and votes in legislature, where bills are passed to change certain statutes of social contracts.
One violates social contracts, on committing a crime. A society can be expected to protect itself against such crimes, by using social contracts which punish the outlaws. Social contracts are there for citizens to accept responsibility for their doings, along with accepting punishment for violating the contract. Social contracts are therefore an indispensable part of a civilized society. They act as a check and provide a control mechanism for the state, which would be plunged into anarchy, if social contracts were not in place.
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