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Essay: Why is it necessary to study law in business?

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  • Why is it necessary to study law in business?
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I asked my self before why we should study law in business? Who want to be lawyer he or she should study law, its not important for me I will not benefit from this course because I don’t want to be lawyer in the future. But I found myself in wrong. I find in my course that law is very important because I learned many new things that I never know about it, I knew that law important for me as a customer, Inventor, imitative, lawyer for everyone who works in business or outside the business. Now I asked myself without legal course I will be willing to conduct business if I don’t have any legal means to protect the interests of your property? I Can’t imagine to do business without being able to have any expectations of other people’s behavior because I will face many of thieves, imitators and competitors. What I learned and what the new information that I took in the legal course that there is relationship between business and law, law can affect the business and I understand interacts between law and business. It is important to know about business law before starting any business, as it will help you run your business without barriers of ignorance. Also I notice How does the court work, and how they’re organized. As well as I knew from legal course that ‘Law’ plays a role in our daily lives, and I don’t have to be in the court to see it in action. Also going into business world does not relieve of laws whether I am a businesswoman or woman work with corporate counsel. Legal course help me to identify the issues and legal responsibilities and make me more comfortable in the legal environment. Which help me and encouraged me to do business in the future because law can develop my business and I feel safe and helped me to learn some skills that help me for future. Legal course give students a better understanding about business law and that help to do the business in the safe way and without be fear from infringed my patent or design or trademark. For business student who don’t care about law the legal course helped them to change the careless because when they want to open their own business in the future such as me we should know that legal essentials for business if we want to open our own business and we should care about law. In addition we need to find out what laws apply to our new business because starting a new business is often a risky venture and maybe that’s will make the business fails and it is important to understand different laws that apply to our business. Also legal taught me that every state has different law and I should keep this in my mind because if I want to open business in different country. Morever if I want to Open international trade in the future legal course taught me that there are many international trade rules that I must to know. If my business works in this part, then it will be a fatal blow if I do not understand the law, because international trade is a business fragile and as I say every country has different law. So people can easy play with me if I don’t know and understand the law, and if I am on the right track when someone plays with my company, I can file a lawsuit this allows the business to continue to develop and improve the product or services, which benefits clients in return it. In addition Contracts are important to a business to give stability, and some assurance of future income and each business contract must include some important to protect my interests elements. So what I learned from this course and that will helped me in the future that before I entering into the contract, I will need to determine whether a person has a responsibility to do his duties and to do what is written in the contract to make sure that my rights will not lost. Also I should always keep in my mind get legal advice because its important before signing or entering any contract, and that will ensure my rights are protected which will help me to reducing the likelihood of costly disputes in the future and from this course I knew that each business contract must include some important to protect the interests of my business and the commitments it makes in its relationships and an understanding of contract law is the key to creating a sound trade agreements that would be enforceable in legal terms in the event of a dispute. I understand that law is helpful in maintaining business in legal ways that no one can cheat and steal from you. Legal allow people to start their own businesses and be entrepreneurs because people trust the court and what is written in the constitution that will make sure that their rights will not be lost. What is more, I knew why law is important for business because it is created to protect from being violated by irresponsible people and it is protects my business from bad people who loves to steal as we can see law can protect my brand from use by others, it is protect my original work from copying, distribution, and use by others also law can protect my business from risk and save my money. As a business owner, it’s my responsibility to do everything in a way to reduce risks and keep working these law protections bring the feeling of safe when you do business. So I can see that the law takes care of creativity, structure and relations in the field of your own business is very convincing manner. Further more I knew the important of law in all areas of society. The term of Business law” It is not just used by lawyers, also companies make contracts as part of their business. In addition law can help business students to be aware about law and to make students aware of the legal issues involving businesses and how to deal with them, the business student needs to work on understanding the Companies Act so that they know how to guide their companies to get in legal trouble. This knowledge also makes it very impressive to potential employers. Further contracts comply with the specific laws that dictate the rights, responsibilities, and obligations of each party of the contract and it is an important part of business whether it is a partnership agreement or determine the scope of a project. I wondered why contract is important I think I get the idea of why it is important because contracts important even reduce the chances of financial and legal problems. The new information for me that contracts not just written in paper some parties like to act because they think that written contracts are formal, complicated, or intimidating. Some of people Prefer to conclude trade deals with verbal handshake instead of signing on the dotted line and I prefer this just if you trust the party but if the party is new and this will be first time to do contract together in my opinion you must written contract in the paper because verbal contract is much more difficult to prove and the written contracts prevents either party forgetting or changing the terms later. What is new for me also ‘register’ my business I didn’t know that register any business protect from any Imitators and from who steal business ideas. In any business if the work does not work legally, the managers have to face the consequences. I know that law is good for society and I mentioned before why but I never put in my mind that law solve problem doesn’t make problem, lawyer should be honest and ethical when he solve problems for others. Also I find in legal course each new case offers a unique set of circumstances and lawyer challenging the legal issues, The law can save a people life and provide a better and brighter future for oppressed and the community and they serve the best interests of all humanity also caring about people who live with problems. I can see from what I learned in the legal course that law make the live very easier and make people live in happiness and satisfaction because their rights will not be lost If the judge justly and because the people must follow the rule to avoid being penalized. In addition rule not allowed others from infringing on property rights. Also when there is dispute the rule of law provides a peaceful and predictable means by which those disputes can be resolved and provides guidance in every area of business and provides protection for property if law doesn’t have protection for property, such as trade secrets (like KFC), trademarks (logo of company), copyrights (like books) its protect author right and protects the ability of someone to take advantage of his innovative work who will infringing or use or distribute without permission he will punished. But there is something called fair use its okay if using the books for education, patent or design. It would be very difficult to protect this property and no one will develop his invention and he will keep the invention for himself and never will share his intellectual property or create invention, its important to protect the intellectual property It has been proved that behind the success of the business world country plays an important role when having products copied the business will not be success we must be aware of this to follow those laws is essential for all businesses, these laws protect the business and help to be successful. In my opinion without law system people would not have satisfaction and they will think that they are oppressed. They will fight with their hands to protect their own property. This will lead to a breakdown in social structure and no one will trust each other. People should aware of law and they must study law because it is necessary for every one to avoid problems. Also ethics in business is necessary because some business can become unethical. It is easy to identify unethical business practices we must choose the right. For example, should not be used illegally materials and processes copyright. Ethical behavior can bring significant benefits to a business. Also if I am small business owner, I must have a general understanding of the legal to running a business and to avoid the risk. The most important being the owner of a successful business is to have a general understanding of business law. So I have to understand the basic concepts of business law to start a business such as intellectual property mean any idea can develop products and law make sure to protect from stolen, and contracts its agreement and promise between two or more people/ companies one offer and other must accept or reject. Finally I will keep in my mind having a business doesn’t make me success obeying the law is also make me success. We must do what law says to live in safe and to protect our intellectual property.All what I say is What I learned and get new information that’s help for future when I want open my own business thank for DR. Rami to help me understand about law.

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