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  • An excellent global leader
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1. How would you describe an excellent global leader?

An excellent global leader is a leader who is able to influence the success of an organization. There are many different qualities that can help to achieve this. For a global leader it’s important to make the right decisions to determine and successfully execute strategy. Most of these decisions are not easy, so the leader must understand the business and the environment they are working in. An excellent global leader is also charismatic and has personal characteristics that inspire and motivate other people.

2. What do you think are the differences between global leaders and general leaders?

A global leader is someone who is not bound to a certain country, industry or part of an organization. He has good knowledge of different cultures and is able to connect people from all over the world. It could be in business as CEO of a global company, but when I think of a global leader it could also be in politics or other areas. In business, global leaders are aware of developments in the world and some also have a great vision of the future that could make a difference. They are creative in thinking ahead about what is necessary for global success. Sometimes it seems like luck or if they can predict the future, but they have an intuition that enables them to make the best decisions or choose the right options. I see a general leader as someone who is an expert and, for example, a leader in a certain area. For that reason, it is mostly related to competences, while as a global leader personal characteristics are more important.

3. What is the current focus on developing leaders in this organization?

They should understand the company and know what is necessary to develop people and executive the company’s strategy. For example, Nomura is originally a Japanese company but has global operations so it’s important for the leaders to transfer the company’s values and work in different environments and with people from different cultures. The leaders should have good knowledge of operations and must be able to transfer this to their employees.

4 What are the current approaches being used that you think are the most effective?

In the current approach, we have a standardized learning program for different levels within the company from analysist to managing director, with for example technical skills training and soft skills training. There is also a special leadership program for which you can be selected. If you are mid-level you can already enter this program so it’s really effective to start developing leaders early in their career and the program is tailored to personal development needs.

5. What do you think we should be doing more of in terms of developing leaders?

Coaching by senior people. It’s very good to use leaders to develop leaders. If they are involved you can learn for their experience and get support if necessary.

6. What should we be doing less or stop doing?

The traditional way of rewarding people for performance is often focused on short term and individual goals. If you want to develop leaders, who think about was is best for a company, collaboration to achieve results should be stimulated more. New or innovative solutions to performance is an important step for this development.

7. Where do you see the future of leadership development headed?

In the future, leadership development will be even more focused on personal skills instead of knowledge. Knowledge will be easier available to everyone, due to digitalization. Next to that, leaders should be able to quickly react to global trends and keep up with faster changing technical developments. They should also have an international orientation, because competition is global.

8. What trends do you see in global leadership programs?

Many people are ambitious and switch jobs very fast. They want to get good opportunities and feel they are valued. So there are high investments in leadership programs, because it is recognized that this stimulates people to stay with the company.

9. How did you became a leader?

In my culture it’s common that you work very hard and try to achieve the best. I’ve started already early with planning my career and building a network. In addition, I learned a lot about the market from experience and now I’m able to share that valuable knowledge with my team and clients.

10. Do you consider yourself being a global leader?

Maybe a beginning global leader in my field. I’m working internationally and regularly share my thoughts and ideas, which is highly valued. Next to that, I’m trying to help other people in their development. In my normal work, but also in my free time by coaching students on how to make the right steps and reach their full potential.

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